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Those of you reading this community blog may or may not know that Molson has a number of channels to connect you and our quality beer brands. This popped into my mind last night as we hosted Bob Pearson from the Social Media Business Council of North America at the Third Tuesday Toronto event (no it wasn’t really the third tuesday on the calendar). Molson has been a member since 2007 and we have learned much about connecting and networking with communities on line.

We are a beer company that believes that our business is local. Our brands are enjoyed and local events from coast to coast and in the arctic. Community social events are a great time to enjoy our products, responsibly.

Molson is proud to have been a leader in on line marketing for well over a decade and welcome you to check out to connect with our brands or perhaps become a fan of Molson Canadian, Coors Light, or MGD on one of the brand Facebook fan sites.

For communicators, public relations, media and community stakeholders you can follow me on Twitter @MolsonFerg, our community relations coordinator is @MolsonTonia.  In Quebec our community efforts are lead by @monique_Molson. For beer drinkers wanting to connect as a Molson Insider you might touch base with @MolsonGraeme. Community events in Western Canada can be channelled to @MolsonBryan and inquiries related to brand and marketing programs to @MolsonMoffat in English Canada. In Quebec for brand and marketing programs conect with @MolsonDouglas . Employees can connect with @MolsonSeb. Exciting times indeed to ensure that we are connected and networking with our various communities.  Cheers ! @MolsonFerg

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