Canada Day Message from Molson’s New CEO and President, Dave Perkins


Thrilled to have Molson’s new CEO and President write for the Molson blog!  Thanks Dave, and welcome back to Canada.  Cheers, Tonia

Cheers from Molson's new CEO and President, Dave Perkins

I’ve spent the past 8 years outside Canada with Molson Coors, looking after my US and International responsibilities.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the extensive global business travel where I’ve been fortunate to meet thousands of beer drinkers, customers, and partners in dozens of countries.  I feel constant pride in being part of a business that builds beer brands around the world that are at the heart of people getting together to enjoy time with friends, family, and colleagues.  Think of how many friendships have been started, and how many memories created, while enjoying one of our great brands or attending one of the many fun events that we make possible.  That’s pretty cool and it’s what’s kept me in this business for virtually my entire career.  I can’t think of a reason why I’d want to be a part of anything else.

The time living and traveling outside Canada has also strengthened another source of pride I feel – in Canada.   How often do you hear a friend reflect on what a great people Canadians are, and what a special place Canada is when they come back from foreign travel.  It’s easy to take what we have for granted.

On July 1st, please join me in toasting Canadians, Canada, and our role in the world over a frosty Molson beer.  Cheers and here’s to responsible choices.

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  1. Dan
  2. Cheers to a great Canada Day to you and your family as well…and to a long hot summer. @MolsonFerg

    Ferg Devins
  3. Dave,
    I too lived outside of Canada for several years and, since moving back, have realized there is no greater place to be.
    Thanks for reminding us of that and…for making the handles on the beer boxes big enough to fit your hands in with mitts on! :)
    Happy Canada day!

    Tyler @NHL Digest
  4. I’ve been living in London, UK for almost 19 years! :0( and missing home. Went to the fourth Canada Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square [first time] and did not see Molson’s! very disappointed.

    Munira Jivraj
  5. Welcome home, Dave! It is the best country on the planet, and probably all the better for the fact that we don’t spend a lot of time gloating about it. Best wishes for the next chapter in your Molson career,


    Bruce Philp
  6. Thanks everyone for dropping by the blog. Great to see some names from years gone by. And Bruce Philp, good to hear from you. You’re right about the quiet pride.

    Here’s to the August long weekend!

    Dave Perkins
  7. I have felt as though Molson Canadian has been a ‘Canadian’ icon for as long as I can remember. The marketing and tv ads have been funny, clever and Canadian for as long. that is why I am upset that the newest commercials that talk about our expansive landscape and great country is referred to with ‘american’ language. Square feet. We are metric here, we don’t use ‘square feet’ as a measure. Unless of course you are an american marketing professional that is only trying to sound like you are describing ‘our’ great country. boo.


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