Molson Makes a Difference at Camp Les Bosquets


Molson Makes a Difference at Camp Les Bosquets Group 2

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On May 22nd and 23rd, Caroline Losson (Marketing Director, Molson Brand), Dave Gagnon (Director, Trade Marketing Strategy), Sean Kennedy (Operations Manager, St. John’s Brewery) and I had the privilege of being asked to lead a philanthropic event at Camp Les Bosquets which is dedicated to the Quebec Society For Disabled Children.  We were asked to assist the camp with some much needed maintenance and cleanup to prepare for their opening in June.  To our surprise the response to the request for volunteers was almost too good.  Over two days we had 48 volunteers.  I guess we should have expected the Molson community to step up and help out.

Caroline, Dave, Sean and I each led teams to tackle the various tasks to prepare the camp for its opening in June such as mowing the lawn (it takes the camp’s Operation Manager Mr. Desbiens  two and a half days to do it himself!), repairing/painting the decks and tables, clearing junk from the cabins, seeding the grass and other landscaping.  There was some uncertainty whether we could have all 36 people be productive on the first day but as soon as we got the teams together and said “Go!” everyone “took off like a shot” as our videographer Scott stated when I spoke to him later in the day.  Scott added “You guys started so quickly I had to run around the entire camp to get the before footage!”

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The before and after look of the campground was quite impressive.  The effort put in by everyone really hit home when the Camp Director, Richard Rioux came to speak to us on the last day before we left.  Mr. Rioux explained “We get many volunteers and their efforts are always appreciated, however, I was very impressed by the intensity and organization of the Molson team”.  We surpassed his expectations with how hard everyone worked and that we accomplished as much as we did in such a short time (we even ran out of paint on the first day to the Mr. Desbiens’ surprise).

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It was a great experience for Caroline, Dave, Sean and I.  We learned how a little effort by a group of organized people can really help non-profit organizations such as Camp Les Bosquets.  Despite waking up with a few stiff joints and muscles the next day it felt good to know that Molson’s community involvement really does make a difference.  Oh, and we were also able to make a contribution of $2,500 to the camp from the Molson Donation Fund.  Not a bad way to cap off the event.

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  1. A great team for a great cause … congratulations to all of you for making such a huge difference. Sore muscles, but nice memories!

    Monique Dépatie

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