Molson Toronto Brewery Workers Promote Responsible Choices


Millions of listeners will be tuning in to an important message that is being promoted by our Molson Toronto Brewery workers through the peak selling periods in 2009. Thanks to Canadian Network Broadcasting, the Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers – Local 325 are playing their part in spreading the word about making Responsible Choices. The intent of this year’s campaign is to focus on reducing impaired driving. Thanks to this special partnership key messages started running leading up to and during the May Long weekend, Canada Day, August Civic Long Weekend, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holiday Season. Hats off to the folks at CNB Media as well as Glen Hamilton and his membership at the Toronto Brewery for this tremendous initiative. Here’s To Responsible Choices, all year long. @MolsonFerg

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  1. Since 1996 the membership of the Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers-Local 325 from the Molson Toronto Brewery have partnered with 680-All News Radio, in delivering its Impaired Driving Prevention Messages. During the long weekends throughout the year, our message reminds listeners to find a safe alternative to driving if they are enjoying some of our great beverages. These messages are heard by the some of the 1.2 million listeners per week with coverage north to Orillia, south to New York, west to Kitchener, and east to Cobourg. The membership of the Canadian Union of Brewery and General Workers-Local 325 from the Molson Toronto Brewery are proud of their tradition of reminding our customers that drinking and driving is never worth the risk.

    Glen Hamilton
  2. Thanks for filling in some very insightful information here Glen…and thanks again for all your efforts in helping to promote responsible choices throughout the year…here’s to responsible choices…@MolsonFerg

    Ferg Devins
  3. Glen This shows great initiative!!! These advertisements do have a positive influence in helping people make Responsible Choices. The membership should be proud of the tradition of reminding our consumers about the risks of making the wrong choices around alcohol. Scott Ewart

    Scott Ewart

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