Cheers to the Creemore Springs Community Clean-up


Creemore Springs Clean up Crew

A couple weeks ago, a team of Creemore Springs employees spent three hours on their Saturday morning doing a community clean-up at Creemore Nature Reserve.  Creemore’s Brewmaster (and clean-up organizer) Gordon Fuller’s take on the morning is below. Thanks Gord!

Creemore Springs Nature Reserve Clean Up

Our service event at the Creemore Nature reserve was a great success.

Twelve guys (and a couple of half pint helpers) spent 3 hours Saturday morning clearing trails and removing remnants of some old bridges. A representative of the Nature Conservancy of Canada (the land owner) was on hand to help and give us direction (or keep us pointed in the right direction). It turned out to be much harder work than we expected, because the NCC, for liability reasons, didn’t allow us to use power tools (eg chain saws), so we ended up removing some reasonably large trees the old fashioned way. The weather was perfect, the guys enjoyed the morning in the bush, and I think the NCC was tickled by the amount we accomplished. All in all a good day!

- Gordon Fuller, Brewmaster, Creemore Springs.

Creemore Springs Nature Reserve Clean Up

Creemore Springs Nature Reserve Clean Up

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  1. Spending 20 minutes on a Friday afternoon to help clean up our community pales in comparison to spending three hours of your own time on a Saturday morning – great work Creemore!

    Denise Walter
  2. Wonderful content:D I will need some time to think about this info!

    Hilton Endersbe

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