Molson Makes a Cookie Drop


April 16th Common Ground CoOp Group Shot

Photo L-R: Joan B.; Diana; Sean; Alejandra G.; Rashida; Gladys B.; Jennie H.;Doug; Jeanette C.; Tonia H.; Carole B.; Nazrul I.

Tonia Hammer and I were off on another adventure in the Berrymobile mid April, so sorry for the delay in posting.  We made a cookie drop at the Common Ground Co-Operative where we met up with Jeanette Campbell who runs this unique operation.  We went on a tour of the kitchen and had the pleasure of meeting the group of partners in charge.   For more information visit

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  1. Let’s not forget about the giant cookie in the shape of a cheque they baked for us..mmmmmm….

    Tonia Hammer
  2. Thank you to Molson Donations Fund for the generous donation that will help us support the partners in the businesses. All our partners are persons with developmental disabilities, and they are the proud owners and operators of Lemon & Allspice and the Coffee Shed’s. We look forward to having you back for a baking afternoon in the near future!

    Jeannette Campbell

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