Molson Ontario Summer Reps In Communities this Summer


The long standing ritual of summer representative training and development took place again today at our Molson Brewery in Toronto. I must admit it was a bit of an emotional event on my part, since I was sitting in their chairs 29 years ago, as a summer rep from Kenora Ontario. Time has flown but the “best summer job on the planet” hasn’t changed much. The team delved in to Molson field opportunities, promotions, responsible choices, safety and the role of summer amabassadors. Forty six summer reps will be travelling across the province of Ontario supporting our field representatives throught the peak selling period at festivals, slo pitch tournaments, community gatherings, local events, in bar promotions and anywhere that good responsible summer fun will be taking place. At the end of my chat with the summer team I asked them to help shout out a message for responsible choices this summer. Here’s To Responsible Choices and a great summer in Ontario and right across this great country of Canada. Cheers.

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  1. I am looking for Molson rep for our Ball tournament this June. Baseball has been a big thing in our community in past years, and i am now trying to bring it back again. So a rep for sudbury area would be greatly appreciated. thank you Jennifer Collin

    Jennifer Collin
  2. Who is the Molson Rep for Kitchener Ont.

    john kuzyk
  3. Hey John – you can get in touch with Ian Starkman – rep for Kitchener area. Cheers!

    Tonia Hammer
  4. Hi Jennifer! Check in with Pat Collins for the sudbury area – Cheers.

    Tonia Hammer
  5. Who is the Molson rep for windsor ont?

  6. Hi Ashley, You can check in with Walt Hanson at Cheers!

    Sue MacMillan
  7. I am looking for a rep for Muskoka. Can you please help me??



    Chantelle Ross
  8. Hi Chantelle, thanks for dropping by the blog! Our rep for Muskoka is Patrick Geary. He can be reached at Cheers! Tonia

    Tonia Hammer
  9. We are looking for the sales rep for the niagara region. Thanks

  10. Looking for name of molson rep for london,

    chris mizzi
  11. Hi Chris,
    You can reach Tim McGuire at

    Tonia Hammer
  12. Hi Terry,
    That would be Ryan and he can be reached at

    Tonia Hammer
  13. I am looking for the rep for Tornoto North area. Can you please send me the contact information. If possible specifically for the Pilsner Urquell brand…Thank you, Bonnie

  14. Hello i’m looking for the rep for Sudbury Ontario, can you please send me the contact information. Thank you, Julie

  15. Hi Julie – Check in with Pat Collins for the sudbury area –

    Tonia Hammer
  16. Who is the Molson Rep for North Bay, Ontario?

  17. Hi! I’m looking for a rep for the brantford area??

  18. Hi – I am looking for the Molson Rep in the Burlington/Oakville area – any help would be appreciated.

  19. Hi there I work and help out with the New Pheltpson Tavern in Phelpston we are located 15 mins away from Barrie and just wondering who the area rep would be. Looking for some posters and signs to put up in the Tavern.
    you can also call Carol @ 705-322-8000 or leave a message and we will get in touch with the rep!
    Thank you

    Lisa Sinclair

    Lisa Sinclair
  20. Just wondering who is the northern ontario rep for our region, North bay to hearst ? Any address or e-mails would be greatly appreceated. thanks Marc

    Marc Leveille
  21. who is the molson rep for welland ontario

  22. Hi, l am looking for a molson rep for the niagara region.

    ryan nickel
  23. Hi guys, anyone looking to get in touch with their local Molson Coors rep can contact 1-800-Molson1 to reach the appropriate folks. cheers!

    Tonia Hammer
  24. Hi there, I was wondering who is the rep for Barrie region?

  25. I am looking for a rep in Woodstock area for my sons stag and doe in April. Wanting to get all Molson beers as that is the most popular with this group and looking for some items to put on the prize table.

    Barb Marissink
  26. Hi Barb! Please contact our special occasions team who can advise/help at SOPSupport@COORS.COM thanks!

    Tonia Hammer
  27. I am a chef in Niagara area, I travel 3 major highways to get to work , as well as perform dinners at Very Rich clients homes in a 3 hour radius from St. Catharines. As well as my parking spot for my 2007 Green Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is on the rocks at the corner of Glendale and Merritt street. The Johnny Rocco’s Restaurant where my kitchen is built. It is a very high traffic area. I am a Corona drinker and would Like to advertise Corona on the Jeep for a monthly fee we could discuss. If this is something that you would be interested in doing I can be reached at 905 708 4328 come in for a bite and a Corona and we can chat.

    James Cuttriss
    executive chef Stone Mill Ballroom
    Co – Chef – Johnny Rocco’s
    Owner – Wine-Knot wedding & event planning


  28. Hi James, thanks for the comment and interest. I have forwarded your request to the appropriate people at Molson Coors who will follow up by email. thanks!

    Tonia Hammer
  29. Hi! I was wondering who the Molson sales rep is for kitchener/waterloo this summer. I am a Masters student in the area looking for a little part-time work and was wondering if there is anyone I can talk to about opportunities with Molson.

  30. Hi! I was wondering who the Molson sales rep is for the Kitchener/Waterloo area. I am a Masters student in the area looking for a part-time job and wondering about opportunities with Molson.


  31. Hello! I was wonderng if I could be directed to the Molson sales rep for Brantford Ontario. I’m running a golf tournament and last year Jamie Young donated some prizes to help us out. Unfortunately I can’t get a hold of him. Is there a new rep. in my area?

  32. Hi there John – please reach out to SOPSupport@COORS.COM who will be able to direct you to the appropriate rep. Cheers!

    Tonia Hammer
  33. I’m looking for a rep in the South of Barrie area. For Corsons Grill and Bar. Phone number is (705)721-1627. Hope to hear back soon

  34. i’m looking for a rep on Manitoulin Island. hosting a fall fair in September, Phone 705-859-3878 after 6:00 p.m.

  35. Thanks for the note Sheri – we have forwarded your question to our customer service line and they will be calling you shortly. cheers.

    Tonia Hammer
  36. Hello, I am a marketing and advertisement communications student and am looking to become a Molson/Coors Rep for the summer. I am currently living in Kingston, Ontario but live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Either area would be great to join the Molson team. Do you have any additional information that I could use to further my employment?

    Dylan Bisignano
  37. Hi Dylan – thanks for your interest in working with us. You can keep an eye out for current openings on our website at and some positions may also be posted at Cheers!

    Melisa Chung
  38. How can I be a rep for the Niagara Region in Ontario?

  39. Thanks for your interest in working with us, Olivia. You can view and apply for Sales Representative opportunities on the Careers section of our website: Cheers!

    Melisa Chung
  40. Looking for sales rep in the deseronto, bay of Quinte Region

    Terry Shelley
  41. Who is the rep for the Barrie / Orillia Ontario region ? Who’s responsible choice was it to cancel the distribution of Molson Golden in this area during the peak summer period ?

  42. Please give us a call at 1-800-655-7661 and we’ll connect you with your local sales representatives.

    Melisa Chung
  43. ok I have a stag to plan and not sure how to get a hold of a molson rep

    Tyler Legault
  44. Hey Tyler, you can give us a call at 1-800-MOLSON1 and we can help put you in touch the local representative.

    Melisa Chung
  45. Hello Molson, I am working for an Advertisement company and we sell on course advertisements and scorecard opportunities for local golf courses. Golf being one of the best games to enjoy a few beverages while enjoying a day on the grass. I thought you might be interested in an opportunity such as this. Do you know how I could contact a representative that can answer my questions?

  46. Hi I am looking to get in touch with the Molson rep for the Timmins area. Greatly appreciated

  47. Please give us a call at 1-800-665-7661. Thanks, Chris!

    Melisa Chung
  48. I’m looking for contact info for the Coors Light rep in the Collingwood area. Thank you,

  49. I had heard from a friend that Molson will donate plastic cups for an event. Is this true and if so how do we go about getting some?

  50. Looking for a rep for the Bowmanville Ont. area. Would like to do a tasting event for charity.

    Kevin Miller

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