Toronto’s 6th Timeraiser – 10,045 Hours Pledged


Timeraiser 2009

On Saturday March 21st, 2009, over 600 Torontonians attended the 6th annual Toronto Timeraiser. The event (fully sold out) was held at the beautiful Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District.

Timeraiser 2009

Fermenting Cellar, Distillery District

Molson is one of the founding sponsors of Timeraiser, which has now expanded into 6 cities across Canada.  I attended last year as a participant making a volunteer pledge, but this year decided to volunteer at the event itself along with some Molson’ers.

Timeraiser 2009

My Molson partners in crime for the evening – Kathleen, Justine and Sebastien

Recapping the results:

  • Over 600 people attended with 298 participants making the ‘pledge’.
  • 10,045 total volunteer hours pledged, of which 50% pledged by art bidders.
  • 31 of 39 works of art went for the maximum bid of 125 hours.
  • 25 Timeraiser volunteers contributed 1,500+ hours to organize.
  • $21,000+ invested into the careers of Toronto-based artists.
  • 25+ community leaders in attendance.

Some of the art is hosted at our Toronto office while the volunteer hours (bids) are fulfilled.  The Timeraiser folks stopped by the office this last week and installed the new pieces.

Timeraiser Toronto

Next Timeraiser will be in Hamilton on Saturday, May 9th at the Hamilton Convention Centre.  Tickets go on sale today.  Hope to see you there!

Cheers, Tonia

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  1. This is the 6th Toronto Timeraiser I have participated in. We also attended Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa. I am really proud to play a part in this event and to have been able to witness the evolution of it. It’s a fantastic event that not only benefits charities with volunteers, but also raises the profile of local artists and awakens the spirit of giving in young Canadians. The fact that it was conceived by a Molson alumnus is even more inspiring! Come on out next year…it’s a really cool evening and you could end up making some really meaningful connections (and the food is to die for!). Looking forward to Toronto 2010 and beyond!!

    Kathleen Krisciunas

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