How are you spending Earth Hour?


Earth Hour is only a few days away, and we’re pretty much good to go at Molson.  We’ve got our Earth Hour task force ready to power down the office; we’ve planned a cold picnic lunch for tomorrow; and our breweries across Canada will be turning off all non-essential lights – we’re set!

What now?  Well, Molson wants to know how you plan to spend YOUR Earth Hour!

Some suggestions :)

[youtube HgnbRbRqnPM]

[youtube 1lymYcwzV6I]

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  1. Having a few friends over for an Earth Hour Party. Probably using one or two of your products in the process. It’s a great excuse to go offline for a while. We did this last year, and had so much fun that we lost track of time and turned it into almost an Earth Half-Day Party.

    Steve H.
  2. I will work ! and actually shut down most of the lights at our plant…humm unfortunately i wont be able to taste Molson product while working LOL…wish you all a good weekend.


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