How do you spell Creative Fundraising? “Frontier College”


Fontier College Corporate Scrabble Challenge

March 11th marked one of Frontier College’s most recognizable fundraising events in Toronto – the Corporate SCRABBLE Challenge.  This was the literacy-focused organization’s fifth annual event which brings Toronto’s Bay street wordsmiths together for a one night, no spellcheck competition that continually raises tons of funding for improving literacy rates across Canada.

Molson has been a sponsor of this event for a few years, providing some hospitality for the dictionary-deprived participants.  I was able to stop in to watch some of the fun and was blown away by the evening of fun and inspiring stories.

Fontier College Corporate Scrabble Challenge

Did you know that 40 per cent of Canadian adults struggle with low literacy?  This is also Frontier College’s 110th year of helping Canadians strengthen their literacy skills.

How are your scrabble skills?  I could use some practice – I think spellcheck and auto-correct may be my downfall…

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Word-out, @toniahammer

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