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Halifax National Mentoring Luncheon DalHousie

Photo L-R: JoAnne Akerboom, Dalhousie University; David Wheeler, Dalhousie University; Peggy Cunningham, Dalhousie University; Mary Donohue, DBTC Consulting; Amir Remtulla, Molson; Anna Cranston, Dalhousie University; Kelly Power, Feed Nova Scotia; Jana Collicutt, Dalhousie Unversity Mentee; Lynn Cochran, Dalhousie University; Mickey MacDonald, Micco Companies; Dianne Swinemar, Feed Nova Scotia; Amy Harding, Dalhousie Unversity Mentee; Duane Irvine, Molson Mentor; Evan Price, Dalhousie Unversity Mentee; John MacDonald, Dalhousie Unversity; John Francis, Molson Mentor; Barbara Warren

One of the new University’s to join the Molson National Mentor program is Dalhousie, I attended their first luncheon last week.  What a way to start off the program, Mickey MacDonald, entrepreneur and philanthropist was on hand to speak to the Mentors, Mentees, staff and some of the charities involved including Feed Nova Scotia and the Turo Vounteer Fire Department.  Mickey has done it all and then some, his life embodies a movie in waiting. He spoke about his life on the streets – to boxing, being a firefighter, selling lobsters in the back of a car, selling phones in a car lot in Bedford which led him to purchase DownEast Cellular. The constant theme of his speech was giving back to the community– one of the many projects he is working on in the community is the Palooka Boxing Club, a not for profit organization helping troubled youth not only in their boxing skills but thier life skills as well.  The one question I had for Mickey is if he slept and he replied “Very well”.  One person can make a difference…

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  1. It was wonderful to be Halifax with the Molson team and Dalhousie – it was a pleasure to meet with the charities …everyone was fantastic – must be that famous down east hospitality… I can tell you I was really impressed with Mickey MacDonald – I actually tried to encapsulate his speech to my daughter – wow – what great life lessons!

    Mary Donohue

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