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The Power to Make a Difference – Generate Millions of Liters of Water Savings at Toronto Brewery

(I am re-posting a note that reported on this terrific accomplishment…cheers…@MolsonFerg)

The boiler room is the power house of the Toronto brewery. It supplies power, steam, compressed air, water, C02 and refrigeration throughout the entire plant in order to fuel production. One of the many complex systems in the boiler room is the Nexguard control system, which continually monitors the chemical level in the boiler. In the course of operations, the Nexguard system pumps out water at the rate of 16.3 litres per minute. And until a few months ago, all that water was going straight down the drain.

That’s when boiler team members Doug Gow and D.S. Tran put their heads together and came up with a water saving solution. Why not reroute the Nexguard waste water to help supply the sump water cooling system? They presented their idea to Doug Dittburner, Toronto Brewery Chief Engineer, and after checking that the chemical levels could have no harmful effect—he gave the go ahead. A few days later, the fix was in place.

The net result: Savings of 8,569,664 liters of water per year are expected to be recovered from Nexguard control system, accounting for yearly cost savings of approximately $14,250. In appreciation for their efforts, Gow and Tran each received a big Molson dufflebag—representing a dufflebag full of thanks from the company. Doug says, “It’s clear that the Power to Make a Difference campaign is having a REAL effect on the way we operate. We’re proud that employees like Doug and DS are being proactive and thinking of ways to save us energy. Even better, this was accomplished with minimal effort, cost and time, using in-house resources. Way to go, guys!”

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  1. I applaud your efforts in trying to save some of the earth’s resources. The total amount of liters saved is pretty incredible compared to how small the fix seemed to be.


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