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Since I started working at Molson just over a year ago, there have been at least five blood drives at the Toronto brewery plus the annual Molson/Montreal Alouettes blood drive in Montreal.  We just had our most recent drive at the end of January where 27 Molson employees donated enough blood to save up to 75 lives.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t participate that time, but I do try to give as often as possible.  It’s a simple act that can make a huge difference.

When I went to the Canadian Blood Services site to link this blog post, I found some background info on blood types – almost like blood type horoscopes! According to some experts, your career and diet can be influenced by blood type.  I’m Type AB and according to the site, I am cool and sensible (I think so!), I love vegetables (I’m vegetarian), and I am a negotiator (definitely).  Does your blood type fit your personality?

One more piece of blood trivia: Did you know that one unit of blood can save up to three lives?

Have you donated recently?  If you’re healthy – book now! Cheers.

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  1. I had no clue you could book your appt. & check times online – great idea & thanks for the link, Tonia! The ‘horoscope’ was an added bonus (I’m O – FYI – the ‘o’fficially owesomenest

  2. @meegs Yes you are the o’wesomenest! Apparently Type ABs are also into calming exercise – not sure that fits with my love of bball?

    Tonia Hammer
  3. Very cool site! I had no idea that my “A” blood type was the reason I am addicted to baby carrots

    Allison Fitton

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