Kudos Mary “Mentor” Donohue


Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue and Scott Ewart

Mary Donohue (centre) with Molson CEO and President Kevin Boyce (L) and Molson Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer Scott Ewart

Being a past Mentor, I had the first hand experience of the great benefits of the program and working with Mary.  You always know when Mary is around — non stop commotion-ideas twirling around-and a go go attitude of not taking “no” for an answer.

Canadian Fundraiser and Philanthropy e News recently had an article “National Mentoring Program pilot creates win-win-win-win” mentioning Molson Mentor Program and the work of Mary Donohue.  Take a read and remember all the mentors that have impacted your life in some way. A great way of giving back to the community– your time, knowledge, and experience.

Congrats Mary, you rock.

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  1. Congratulations Mary! Mentors are very important, but it’s important to have great mentors… that’s you. Hope we can meet in person soon to do some idea twirling!

    Christine Upton
  2. I’m proud to be a part of the Mentorship program this year! Way-to-go Mary and Molson for putting together such a wonderful program. It benefits Molson staff wishing to improve their mentorship skills, provides a much needed boost to the great charities out there, and is clearly appreaciated by the mentees.

    Jamie Sprules
  3. Congrats Mary…well deserved!

    Ross Buchanan
  4. If has been an absolute pleasure working with Mary, Molson and the National Mentoring Program. The students have been outstanding and the support from Molson incredible – all due to Mary’s vision, hard work and energy. Fantastic!!

  5. Your energy and welcoming smile was the first thing that attracted me to this program! Thank you so much Mary for bringing me on to the team! =D
    I’m so happy that I get to work for Baycrest along with my mentor, from whom I learned so much (Janis and Heidi are awsome). It really is a quadruple win, you’re amazing!

    Lily Zong
  6. The NMP has been a huge success for all involved! In addition, Mary Donohue has earned her doctorate in leadership and education from Central Michigan University. Dr. Donohue’s work is already being recognized as ground breaking as can be evidenced by her invitation to speak at the American Marketing Educators Conference in Newport Beach this April.

    Scott Ewart
  7. OMG – Many thanks everyone – your kind thoughts and comments are so heartwarming – thank you!

    Mary Donohue
  8. Thanks Mary!
    Your open and enthusiastic attitude really got me excited about the program and the positive change that students like myself can make.
    See you in Toronto!

    Dylan Carr
  9. Congratulations on your achievements Mary! The enthusiastic and positive attitude that you hold is very inspirational! I am very fortunate to have been introduced to NMP and with the help of Molson and Global Vision, I look forward to a fantastic summer.

    Anna Chakhnevitch

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