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The http://2010muralpoject.ca unveilling was quite an event on February 11th, 2009 in Vancouver. This really kicked off the celebration that Molson will be driving throughout the Molson organization, with our customers, consumers, families and friends for the next 11 months leading up to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Parlympic Winter Games.

Molson Canadian is going to be playing a big part in these celebrations and they want you to upload your photo to the Molson Canadian 2010muralproject that is 4000 square feet of Canadians supporting our athletes in 2010.

You can get all the details at http://2010muralproject.ca . We sure hope that you will join with us. If you have any comments about the project, land them right here on the Molson Community Blog.

See you in Vancouver…on the wall that is…cheers !

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  1. I want to upload my grandchildrens’ photos but can’t figure out how to do it. Can you please help me? thanks

  2. I believe the picture must be of adults of legal drinking age – but I could be wrong

    Margaret Tullan
  3. Hi there ladies – Margaret, you’re correct – you must be legal drinking age to upload a photo on the mural. Judy, here’s the link to the virtual site of the mural http://www.molsoncanadian.ca/2010muralproject/view.php In the bottom right hand corner, there’s a tab that says “get on the mural” – click there and you’ll be walked through the steps to upload a photo.
    Have a great day, cheers!

    Tonia Hammer

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