Leafs’ Boss Brian Burke Visits Molson


Brian Burke

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Brian Burke for a special appearance to chat exclusively with Molson Toronto’s head office employees over lunch. What a treat it was! “Burkeee” gave us an overview of the kind of team he wishes devoted Leafs’ fans to see on the ice sooner rather than later. 

One commonality with Molson’s own values in doing business is to give back to the community where you work and live. This is true for Burke and for all his players who wear or will wear the Leafs jersey from now on. He wants players to be involved and give back to the community. That’s not optional, nor is it negotiable as far as he’s concerned!

I am no Leafs fan, never was. I grew up in Montreal, but I must say I liked what I heard from the Leafs general manager and I think it is exciting for all Leafs fans who indisputably deserve a solid, more competitive and involved team both on and off the ice…With Burke at the helm, it seems like change is bound to happen for the Maple Leafs, their fans and the community. But from Burke’s own assessment, there is a lot more work to be done before we can see a real NHL playoff contender. 

Check out some of the conversations we had with Burke.

[youtube PkTPLwQ0rxg]

(The community involvement part starts at 3min18sec in this 1st clip)

[youtube KA2BEITuB6s]


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  1. Great stuff. The Leafs and Molsons a tried and true success!

  2. Hi Darren, it is so true…Hockey and Molson is such natural fit…Burke was pretty good and transparent, I think the team is in good hands with him. Let’s see what will transpire on the ice!


    Sebastien Charbonneau
  3. As a Leaf Fan, I 100% agree. They need to come in last or 2nd last get one of those 2 studs in the draft. Otherwise why would they have given away McCabe, Tucker, Wellwood and let Sundin go. They wanted to fail this year and rebuild and the bonus is that they will look better in the up and coming years. Even Wilson said publicaly that they were not good players and wanted everyone to know that so that they could not be blamed for a terrible season. I am happy to see that someone finally had the guts to do what should have been done years ago. I just hope they don’t go and make the playoffs or worse finish 3rd last in the league

    Dan Bergey

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