Update 2 – Hockey Jerseys for our Troops


Kandahar Hockey League - Team Molson

The Molson jerseys arrived in Afghanistan and they sent us a team pic – looking good guys!

On the team – Front Row: Jimmy Stewart, Sylvain Lapierre, Chuck Campbel, Mike Candow, Doug Clark, Eric Landry, Alex Desjardins

Back Row: Jason Forrest, Shawn Davidson, Travis Wolfe, Rick Reid, Barry Crocker, Carol Savard, Mathew Astles, Brandon Besaw, Ryan Seguin, Jack Cuypers, Moo Gerrow

Missing: Randy Arseneau, Wayne Belaire

Season Update from Charles Campbell on Jan. 28th (see post):
“The team finished the season with a win over the Slovakian MPs. A hard fought, fast paced, and action packed 10-4 victory. For the most part we shut down the classic European style breakaway passing game. With the win we finished the regular season with an 13-5 record. The playoffs are set to start in a few days.
Bdr Eric Landry and Bdr Wayne Belair will display their talent next week during the KHL All Star game, complete with a skills competition.”

Troops in Afghanistan Team Molson Goalie

Thanks for the photos guys! Keep the updates coming.  Best of luck in the playoffs :)

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  1. Awesome, awesome thing you’re doing!

    Kasey Skala
  2. This is so great. Brings tears to my eyes. I love how our country comes together for these fine people who represent Canada!

  3. We love hockey and we love our troops!! This is a great thing!!

    Hockey Jerseys
  4. @hockeyjerseys Cheers to that!

    Tonia Hammer
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