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March 28th 2009 at 830pm the world wiill engage in Earth Hour. At Molson we are proud to be actively engaged in raising awareness for our employees at all of our locations across the country and reaching out to the family, friends, neighbours, customers, beer drinkers and all Canadians to take action on March 28th.

Last year we had all of our operations take action to reduce energy, which actually resulted in some learning that helped us to change some of our practices to improve energy efficiencies. A simple action like turning off non essential lighting resulted in some powerful examples of how we can make a difference in energy conservation.

Molson salutes the folks at World Wildlife Fund for their continued efforts with Earth Hour and encourage our employees, customers, consumers, families, friends and neigbhours to rise up and get involved in this tremendous initiative on March 28th around the globe.

More to come…Cheers…@MolsonFerg

Cities in Canada already engaged include Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Vancouver and Edmonton.

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  1. Glad to hear that Molson is once again supporting this.

    Any chance of some promotion of the Unofficial “EarthHour Canada” Facebook group?

    Andrew Baxtrom

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