Molson sponsors the 2009 JDC West competition


The JDC West competition was held over the weekend here in Edmonton and was a smashing success! JDC West  brought over 600 delegates, from 14 Business schools across Western Canada and Ontario to the University of Alberta where they competed in 10 academic case studies, a parliamentary style debate, a sports tournament, and a social competition. Molson was a proud sponsor of this year’s competition.

On Saturday, we sponsored the social held at the Mayfield Trade and Convention Centre. The theme of the social was the 1990′s and the competition consisted of each school having to create a choreographed routine to go along with the music from a 90′s song.  Molson’s own Kerri Lockwood and Trevor Derksen were two of the judges of the competition. Congrats to the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan for sharing first prize.

Molson also sponsored the Marketing case study, which was held on Sunday. Participants were given the case first thing in the morning and had 3 hours to prepare a 20 minute pitch to make to the three judge panel. Trevor Derksen, Director of Planning and Customer Marketing in Western Canada was one of the three judges. Trevor also had the honour of presenting the first, second and third prizes at the Gala dinner held at the Shaw Conference Centre last night. Congratulations to the University of Alberta for taking 1st place in the Marketing competition.

Watch Trevor present to the winners.

[youtube 6ZIATWv8QwE]

I must say that the spirit, energy and dedication of the students over the weekend was amazing. Molson salutes all of the delegates and organizers for putting on a fantastic event!

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  1. Thank you Molson, I think you made the right choice, getting involved with JDC… We love you!!!

    Derrek Wenisch
  2. Molson’s thank you for the support you provided to JDC West. Your presence at this event was amazing. Without companies like Molson’s opportunities like this would not be available to students like me. On behalf of Ryerson University, Thank you!

    Christopher Alleyne
  3. From coast to coast, the presence of Molson is evident, from more than one perspective. If there is one thing that I have taken away from this conference, it is without a doubt the value of character that is often overshadowed by fine-tuned resumes, cover letters and promptu letters of reference. JDC West gives recruiters, delegates, faculty members and all those with a vested interest in the competition a chance to look at what really counts. The world is changing, and it would make the most if one were to let res ipsa loquiture. JDC West changed my life, and I hope it can one day change yours. Thank you Jessica & Nick for your vision, Sam and Evan for your support, and everyone from the OC to the Laurier SBE. You are helping to shape business to be what it should have been a long time ago; a collaboration, as opposed to a competition.

    Ginger out.

    Taylor McGuire

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