Toskala Scores and presents Molson Cup Donation to OCCID


MolsonCup_December 2008 Teskala

In Photo L-R: Vesa Toskala, Toronto Maple Leaf Goaltender; Justin Mulligan, Molson Representative; Al Stuart, The Pilot; Shelley Timms, President of OCCID.

Shelly Timms, President of OCCID, which stands for Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driving, was on the ice with Vesa.

OCCID was December’s Molson Cup charity of choice to receive the $1,000 donation.

Stay tuned for January 2009 for more Molson Cup on-ice donations.

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  1. Hey Hey – thanks to Molsons for this. We have received the Molson Cup annually since 1998 – and are pleased to always link it with having a display at the ACC – in 2008 we had two displays at the ACC – Leaf games – and shared 2,500 home hosting kits. We are totally grateful for the chance to raise awareness and really appreciate the donation – OCCID has a modest budget – we don’t telemarket and don’t use professional fundraisers.

    Here’s to all the designated drivers…

    Anne Leonard
  2. Once again Molson celebrates and supports community groups that work year after year to make our roads safe for all of us by stopping impaired driving. Great work OCCID and thank you to Molson for taking the lead and supporting community groups that make a difference.

    Fran Wdowczyk

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