Supporting our Troops … A Challenge from Melissa at Kraft


A few emails were traded back and forth between Melissa at Kraft and some of our Molson Canadian brand folks. In fact our Chief Marketing Officer was made aware that Melissa had reached out to Molson and the conversation quickly evolved to one of inter company engagement. Melissa’s brother is in Kabul and Melissa was putting together a care package to be sent to him and his fellow soldiers and also to be a bit of Canada for the next round of soldiers who will arrive. Molson has a long standing tradition of sending product every year, as well as engagement in the annual Operation Santa Claus and most recently answering a request of the soldiers for hockey jerseys for their Kandahar Hockey team. It seems like such a small thing for us to do in support of those who serve our country abroad and make us proud to be Canadian. So, Melissa put out the challenge and the Kraft and Molson care package came together quickly. It was also very touching to see that Melissa’s brother and fellow troops in Afghanistan were doing some of their own community relations in that they had provided fruit and stuffed animals to Afghanistan children in a local orphanage on Christmas day. Melissa’s brother, in a note to her, commented about how he and his fellow soldiers felt that this kind of generosity is a true value of Canadian culture. I’d love to share the pictures of the smiling faces of the children in the orphanage on the blog, but best to respect their privacy…but, oh my gosh, what moving pictures of these children. Hats off to Melissa and the Kraft team for embracing this opportunity, for reaching out to us and letting Molson play a small role in continuing support of our Canadian Troops around the globe.

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  1. I did receive a wonderful note from Melissa’s brother Afghanistan thanking us all for the wonderful thoughtfulness that we extended to a few of our troops over there. Feel great about bringing some small comfort and Canada to their day to day. Cheers.

    Ferg Devins
  2. Merry Christmas everybody.

    I am a retired Canadian-ex RCAF,and I create slide shows as a hobby.This show is a Christmas Greeting to the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Enjoy and please pass it on to the troops, their families, friends and forums or blogs you may visit.


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