Molson Official Beer Supplier to Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games


I had an opportunity to chat with our President and CEO, Kevin Boyce, just prior to the holidays. We asked if he would like to write a blog post related to our official supplier status for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic games. He worked with Tonia and I on creating this message and we are delighted to post it on his behalf. Kevin looks forward to reviewing your responses and Tonia will make sure that we get back to you in a timely manner…over to Kevin…

(Voir en français ci-après)

I am delighted to post this blog today formally announcing that Molson will be the official beer supplier to Canada’s Games in Vancouver in 2010.  Molson is proud to play our part in celebrating with Canadians leading up to and including the games.  It is a proud moment for all of our employees, customers and suppliers to be hosting this world event in British Columbia and with Canadians from coast to coast to coast. No doubt you will see that pride showing through in the videos accompanying this post.

Molson will be supporting a number of initiatives leading up to the games through various employee and brand activities.  Please join with us in supporting the games and Team Canada as we count down to February 12, 2010 in Vancouver.  We look forward to playing our part to make this a truly memorable event for all Canadians.

Our social media team will be highlighting a number of our activities right here on our Molson Community Blog in the weeks and months to follow (Thanks to Tonia for inserting the links for me in this post!).


Kevin Boyce

(Traduction intégrale du message original de Kevin en anglais ici-haut)

Je suis ravi de profiter aujourd’hui de notre blogue communautaire pour vous annoncer formellement que Molson sera le fournisseur officiel de bière des Jeux d’hiver de Vancouver 2010. Molson est fière de faire sa part dans les célébrations qui précéderont et entoureront les Jeux. Tous nos employés, clients et fournisseurs d’un océan à l’autre sont fiers d’accueillir le monde en Colombie-Britannique dans le cadre de ce grand événement planétaire — une fierté qui ne fait d’ailleurs aucun doute dans les vidéos qui accompagnent le présent message.

Molson organisera de nombreuses activités centrées sur ses employés et sur ses marques d’ici le grand jour de l’ouverture des Jeux. Je vous invite donc à vous joindre à nous pour exprimer votre appui au Comité organisateur ainsi qu’à l’équipe olympique canadienne pendant le décompte vers l’ouverture officielle, qui aura lieu le 12 février 2010 à Vancouver. Nous sommes impatients de faire notre part pour faire de cet événement un moment réellement inoubliable pour tous les Canadiens.

Notre équipe des médias sociaux vous présentera d’ailleurs plusieurs activités ici même, sur le blogue communautaire de Molson, au cours des prochaines semaines et des prochains mois (merci à Tonia pour son aide dans l’insertion des hyperliens!). Demeurez à l’écoute!


Kevin Boyce

English VLOG

[youtube Qci5ElZj39Y]

French VLOG

[youtube UTGspMeWlAs]

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  1. Kevin et al.: Great video! Love the behind-the-scenes look at the announcement of our role in the 2010 Olympics Winter Games in Vancouver. This is an enourmous opportunity for Molson both Nationally and in B.C. and I’m thrilled that we’re a part of it.

    Jamie Sprules
  2. Excellent video…loved the behind the scenes pieces. Thanks for keeping it real and not just corporate ’cause that’s what Canadians are!
    – Jennifer

    The Nimble Assistant
  3. Very nicely done. The behind the scenes set up to the announcement really makes this seem real and honest. I wish more companies opened the kimono and really let us see that there are real people working behind the scenes who actually care. This could have easily have been a slick corporate video that would have been dull and expected. Instead, we get to experience the excitement, nervousness and anticipation around a big announcement like this right along with the Molson folks.

    David Jones
  4. [...] The post that accompanies this video on Molson’s blog is  CEO Kevin Boyce’s first ever, so go on over to the blog and let him know what you think. [...]

    Molson Vancouver Olympics 2010 |
  5. Kudos to Molson, way to move away from simply putting your logo on a banner to say ‘we are a sponsor’, and really getting right in the space, engaging employees and all that good stf. Look forward to following your initiatives on the community blog… Countin’ down!

  6. I am very excited with this unique partnership and we are planning more “behind” the scene coverage of our activities leading up and during the 2010 Games in Vancouver…

    By the way…we’re 401 days away from the opening ceremony.


    Sebastien Charbonneau
  7. Terrific video. Molson is Canada’s beer and is a natural fit for the 2010 Olympics. Congratulations!

    David Angus
  8. This was ARC’s second film with Molson and had to be saved until now. It was a very exciting experience to spend the day with Kevin and Ferg and the team. It was at the beginning of ARC’s relationship with Molson and the film reflects my insight into the company and the excitement I was feeling. It was very clear at the start from both Molson and ARC that we would NOT be doing corporate videos and focus on telling the story behind the scenes of a company that EVERYONE in Canada is beyond familiar with. Filming this gives Canadians (and myself) and opportunity to see Molson beyond the brand and marketing. Kevin has an amazing sense of humour and is really fun to work with on camera. A film camera does NOT lie and Kevin was open and honest and allowed himself to be seen by the camera without putting up a “corporate” face. One scene to pay attention to is the part where Kevin was coming out of the van. I actually asked him to wait in the van while I set up and he was a great sport about it. I hope there is an opportunity to film Kevin in future episodes… maybe even a reality show? (hint hint)

    Thanks Molson for being so transparent and leading the way of the corporate world in social media, allowing access to behind the scenes of one of the most innovative companies and the most exciting event to come to Canada.

    Looking forward to future insight into Molson’s involvement in the Olympics.

    Billie Mintz
    President and Documentarian

    Billie Mintz
  9. Congratulations team on a great…and long awaited… vlog of the announcement! It was a wonderful experience, and Billie’s video truly captures the excitement and passion that filled that day. Looking forward to many more of these.

    Betsy Cooper
  10. Great job with the video; it showcased Molson’s passion and committment to play our part very well! This is a very exciting opportunity for our company and I am proud that we are affiliated with hosting the world in Feb 2010.

    Reid Black
  11. Good news. The video was pretty slick and the presentation helped sell the excitement. I like looking at people when they are excited. Collectors will be excited too. Molson as the official supplier of beer to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics will no doubt spawn an array of collectible merchandise which is something Dumpdiggers calls Brewerania … in fifty to a hundred years…

    Rob Campbell
  12. [...] post on his blog with a video from the “Molson in the Community” blog and their announcement about becoming the official beer supplier to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and paralympic …. It is a nice and simple video and gives a bit of a behind the scenes look at some of the Molson [...]

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  13. Amazing job on the video! It was quite the amazing experience to be part of that exciting conference call shown on the video! With great pride, I’m excited to embrace and be a part of this ‘once in a life experience’ in my own backyard. Let the count down begin to the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!

    Shaun Gauthier
  14. I am thrilled as a Canadian, Vancouverite and Molson employee in anticipation of the Vancouver2010 Olympics…Great video

    S Demchuk
  15. Congratulations to the Molson team on a terrific achivement. I only wish I could be out there at Vancouver for la cérémonie d’ouverture myself!


    312-932-9000 / / twitter: merubin
    I am a Blog Council employee and this is my personal opinion.

    Michael E. Rubin, Blog Council
  16. “Showcasing Molson on the world stage” was the comment that grabbed my attention – through my work with the company I have learned that Molson has always supported the citizens and of course the athletes of Canada. Molson has provided funding, the venues and of course the celebratory events that enable both the citizens and the athletes of our great country to showcase what they do best.

    Molson’s Olympic participation is another fantastic example of the company’s commitment to sustaining great Canadian ideals.

    Mary Donohue
  17. Félicitation à la Grande Famille Molson pour son implication aux Jeux D’hiver de 2010 à Vancouver.Je suis très fier de faire partie depuis 29 ans de cette grande Famille qui appuiera tous nos Athlètes Canadiens jusqu’en 2010.Cet appui Nous rapprochera d’avantage dans la Communauté ce qui est important pour notre Image et notre buiseness.bonne chance à tous nos athlètes pour ce grand rendez-vous de 2010 à Vancouver.

    luc prud'homme
  18. J’ai reçu mon épinglette cette semaine et je la porterai avec fierté le 12 février prochain. Félicitations à la Grande Famille Molson!

    Simonne Bienvenue
  19. blessings Vancouver! Vancouver 2010 is proud of the whole Canada!

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