John Molson’s Birthday


Brew 2.0 Vancouver, originally uploaded by Molson Blog.

A toast to the founder of Molson, John Molson, who was born this day (December 28th) in 1763. This photo is fitting given that the image of John Molson is overlooking some members of the Molson team, joined by frends from H&K following our Brew 2.0 at the Vancouver Brewery earlier this year. Also of note is that the person in the middle at the front is Geoff Molson, VP Marketing Quebec region and the seventh generation member of John Molson’s family. Today we raise a glass to our founder John Molson and thank him for his legacy of quality beer and our continuing involvement in the greater community in which we live work and play. Cheers !

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  1. John Molson is on the TV behind us in that pic…I forgot about that! :)

    Tonia Hammer
  2. I missed his birthday this year! I’ll have a belated peice of cake, and of course a pint or two, in his honour. We should have a reminder put into every employees’ calendar on Dec. 28…

    Jamie Sprules

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