Update — Hockey Jerseys for the Troops


In Adam’s blog yesterday, he mentioned that we created some custom Molson Canadian jerseys for the Kandahar Hockey League (KLH) in Afghanistan.

Well, the jerseys arrived at Molson in Toronto this morning and we’ll be shipping them out later today….but first, we thought we’d model them for all to see!  (Thanks to my fabulous Molson models Paul and Barb).

Kandahar Hockey League Jerseys

Each Jersey is personalized for the players (Paul)

Kandahar Hockey League Jerseys

Face-off (Me, Barb, Paul)….I won

Kandahar Hockey League Jerseys

The KHL team logo on the front (Paul)

We’ve asked the team to send a group photo once they’ve received the jerseys so I can post it here too. Cheers and good luck in the playoffs!

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  1. Hey guys you all look great. The Jerseys are amazing. Thanks a lot! ( The beer looks good too, can’t wait to get home and have a few). I will post a team up date with in the next couple of days.

    Ryan Seguin
  2. Dear Molson,
    We can’t begin to show our appreciation towards you for sponsoring us. When we played our first game (which we won in a very intense shootout!) we noticed other teams had their own jersey’s and some even had sponsors from local business’s in their home towns. We talked to everyone on the team about getting a sponsor and decided to try you guys. After myself and Matthew Astles designed the jersey, we handed it up to Ryan Seguin who was in contact with your rep. We just saw the pictures of the jersey’s and are extremely honored that you stuck with the design! The guys here are really excited about getting them and can’t wait for the playoffs to start up so we can show them off. We are 9(W) 3(L) so far and hope to keep winning, more so now that we are representing Molson! With only 6 games left in the season we have the boost of morale we need to keep winning games.
    Thank you so vey much on behalf of the TUAV Sperwarriors and all of the Canadian Forces for your support and contributions to keeping Morale up!
    p.s. We will be sending a photo of the team wearing the jersey’s and hopefully one of us holding the first place trophy!

  3. The pictures did not do the jerseys justice. The looked absolutely amazing. Ironically they arrived on site on a game day, and the boys were like kids in a candy store. We were all excited to don the jerseys for the game. Unfortunately for us we lost the very sirited game 6-3. But we looked good (isn’t that half the battle, lol). The team’s record is now 10(w)-5(l), with only a few games to go and the playoffs just around the corner.
    Again, TUAV Sperwarriors thank you for your support. A team photo was taken prior to the game, which I am sure that Ryan will be sending you.

    Charles Campbell
  4. Season Update
    The team finished the season with a win over the Slovakian MPs. A hard fought, fast paced, and action packed 10-4 victory. For the most part we shut down the classic European style breakaway passing game. With the win we finished the regular season with an 13-5 record. The playoffs are set to start in a few days.
    Bdr Eric Landry and Bdr Wayne Belair will display their talent next week during the KHL All Star game, complete with a skills competion.

    Charles Campbell
  5. @Charles – thanks for the update! Good luck in the playoffs….if you have any pics, send them along and I can post them. Cheers, Tonia

  6. We are working on a project to Honor Amreica’s HEROS Military Veterans. We could use your support. Please e mail me for more details we are in the greater Atlantic City NJ Mkt.
    Ray Williams,PGK
    609 652-0565

    Ray Williams
  7. @Ray Thanks for stopping by Ray. We’ll get you a contact in the U.S. and pass it along. Cheers.

    Tonia Hammer
  8. Well this update is long over due. The playoffs started on 02 Feb. A double elimination format, winners keep playing in one bracket, the losers moving to the “losers” bracket. Two losses and you’re done!
    Our opening game was an easy 13-2 victory over the Pylons. Wayne Belair and Eric Landry scored early and often. Facing one of the Slovakian teams (Slovcon) on the 4th proved to be more than a challenge. They came at us hard with an unrelenting attack. All though we out shot them, their goaltender stole the show and the game; we lost 6-4 moving us to the “losers” bracket.
    Now playing every game like it’s our last, which in fact would be, we regrouped to face Supply. We were not really tested and walked away with an 11-3 victory. Next came Force Protection 1 (FP1), our goaltender Mike Candow, all but stood on his head and stole the 7-4 victory for us.
    Each opponent is now getting tougher, and more skilled than the last we are now paired against the OMLT. A contest of two evenly matched teams, but with aggressive fore checking and solid defense we managed a narrow 5-3 win. Who’s next?
    As it turned out it was the Chiefs. Having watched a couple of their games, we had an idea of who to watch out for and their style of play. They liked lots of point shots and then crash the net. We knew it was going to be a battle. As expected the defense shot from everywhere, and their forwards were always in front of the net looking for the rebounds. It was a defensive battle. Heading into the 3rd tied one could feel the pressure and tension building. A goal by an unexpected source (me) early in the period sparked the bench and we limped away with a 4-2 win.
    Last night’s game was the finals of the losers bracket. We faced the very skilled team from RC South. The referees tried hard to let us play but they were losing control of the game by the midway point of the second. Their defense took liberties on our forwards. Their forwards took cheap shots in the corners on our defense. For a non-contact league this was a very physical game. We tried hard to be discipline and not retaliate but tempers flared near the end of the third when our forwards had enough if the cheap shots and the non-calls from the refs. We did prevail and won the contest 4-3, leaving only 1 team (the CanCap Scorpions) between Sperwarriors and the championship.
    So after playing 7 games in 9 nights, being battered and bruised we head into tonights challenge knowing that the CanCap team is very skilled, very young, and with a balanced attack. Just think we have to beat them twice to be crowned the champions of the KHL for this season. No rest for the weary!

    I am in the process of gathering pictures for you, not sure if there is many taken.

    Charles Campbell
  9. While heading to the rink for the finals I was taken back by the amount of spectators that had already lined the rink. People were 2 or 3 rows deep, and the railing of the boardwalk that overlooks the rink was full. Definitely a sight to see.

    The finals have arrived, The TUAV Sperwarriors needing to beat the CanCap Scorpions twice. The Scorpions who lost only two games all season, including the playoffs (usually outscoring their opponents three fold) versus the Sperwarriors (having finished the season 13-5, and a 6-1 record in the playoffs). It definitely looked like David vs. Goliath.
    The first period was going as hoped, ending in a 2-1 TUAV lead. The Scorpions started the 2nd with a renewed vigor. It seemed we woke the sleeping giant. Capitalizing on the power play, and nonstop pressure, the Scorpions had a 5-3 lead at as the 2nd period ended.
    The 3rd opened with the same intensity, the Scorpions shooting from all angles, and beating our defense to the rebounds. The unrelenting attack took its toll on us. It was clear that the Scorpions, out classed us. The game finished 9-4, and our hopes of hoisting the trophy were crushed. Holding our heads high, we congratulated the Scorpions.
    So on behalf of the TUAV Sperwarriors, thank you Molson’s for your support. We wore the jersey with pride, and hopefully our play did them justice. On a personal note I say to my teammates not only was it my privilege to play with you; it was my honor to serve with you here in Kandahar.

    Charles Campbell
  10. I’d like to echo what Chuck said. It was a great playoff run that ended with us holding our heads high even in defeat. Those jerseys were the talk of the town and we were proud to wear them. Thanks to Molson’s and thanks to my teammates.

    Barry Crocker
  11. Hi Barry, You guys are number 1 here! Way to go!!

    Carole Berry
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