Here’s To Judy McClelland


23 years and Judy McClelland’s last day today at Molson. Judy has been adminstering, coordinating, filtering, approving and providing donations from the Molson Donations Fund at Molson for 23 terrific years of community service. I have had the personal privilege of working closely with Judy and seeing what a wonderful job that she has done in connecting Molson and the community in which we live work and play. Althought we will miss Judy, we are so glad that she will have a long, happy and healthy retirement. Judy, on behalf of the thousands of non profit, charitable organizations and people who’s  lives that you have touched on behalf Molson – THANKS and best wishes in your retirement.

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  1. even though I haven’t known Judy that long I know i’ll miss my morning ritual of saying hello on my way into the office everyday. It was clear early on that Judy is a very special woman with unique gifts. Sure I speak for all Molson folk that she’ll be missed dearly. All the best Judes!

    adam moffat
  2. Helloooooo Judy! ;) Wow, it’s been less than a day and I miss you already!

    Your dedication and passion to your work has been so inspiring Judy — I’m very thankful for the last two months…getting to work side by side with you. Enjoy your time now….you deserve it.

    Tonia Hammer
  3. Judy, you will defintely be missed. Thanks for all your support and for caring so much about Canada’s communities. Enjoy retirement!!

    Bryan Cox
  4. Hello Judy, I am just reading all of those nice notes, and obviously, you were and remain a wonderful person to all of your colleagues and friends. I am very proud of you and I am thankful for getting to know you better … you deserve all of this! The best to you and you loved ones Judy … Mo

    Monique Dépatie
  5. Happy Retirement Judy! Thank you for all you have done over the years. All the best to you always!

    Fran Wdowczyk
  6. Wow – what a wonderful tribute! My years at Molson were the happiest of my life and I looked forward to going to work each day. Working with so many community groups made my job enriching and the people I’ve met through my job have been amazing. I will miss my contact with the many communities with which I have worked, but I’ll be researching groups in my home area looking for volunteer opportunities in the days to come.

    I know the job is in good hands and I’ll look forward to reading about Molson’s continued good works in Canadian communities.

    As for the people at Molson – there are none better. Thanks for all of the great memories.

    Judy McClelland

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