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You never know what your fellow employees are up to when not in the office, so isn’t it great when you find out that someone is doing something really cool — something you never expected?  Well, that happened to me last week when I learned that Graham Hopper, a Molson employee, is also a diver-extrodinaire at the GTA Diving Club.

Graham joined the club a year ago to find a unique way to get into shape as well as overcome his fear of heights.  He trains with a coach who has produced three Olympic divers and is now diving from the 5-meter platform, doing flips on the trampoline and hand stands on the lower diving board!  His ultimate goal is diving from the 10-meter platform.

When Graham first joined the club, it was in critical need of training equipment. So, being a company that supports sports facilities and programs, Molson provided a $3,000 donation to help purchase training equipment like a trampoline and safety harnesses.

Well done Graham!  As a former competitive swimmer/lifeguard, I have a great appreciation for the water, but can’t say I’ve ever dived off a 10-meter platform!

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  1. way to go Graham…terrific community engagement and so great that Judy and the donations committee saw fit to provide some support for your encouraging efforts…congrats

    Ferg Devins

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