Molson and Employees Support Toy Drive


Xmas Toy Sleigh

The annual Toronto Shriners Toy Drive is underway. Molson is proud to work with our employees in helping to make a difference for those who are less fortunate, particularily at this time of year.

What’s even more exciting about this opportunity is that the idea came to us from one of the people that works in our mail room at 33 Carlingview. Some of the best ideas for making a difference in the community come from people on the front lines in our business. So, what are we up to ?

Molson employees are encouraged to support the Toronto Shrine Toy drive by bringing a toy for a child between the ages of 5-15. For every toy that is donated by an employee, Molson will match with a $10.00 donation to fund more toys for the toy drive.

Late breaking news and special thanks to our friends at 58 Ninety Inc. for donating a wonderfully large toy that we will auction off to support more funds for the Shriners Toy drive. We do appreciate that support and generosity…cheers.

We encourage others to think about ways to help those in our community in their time of need.

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