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Will Forbes, Judy McClelland, Drew Stevenson

Part of our A-team in Toronto: Will Forbes, National Chair, Judy McClelland, National Executive Coordinator, Drew Stevenson,  Ontario Chair

I’m often amazed by what people can accomplish when they work together, and this year’s United Way campaign at Molson is one of those moments of awe.  Along with many other companies across Canada, we held our internal 2008 Molson United Way campaign for three weeks in October. This was my first year being part of the campaign as a Molson employee, and I was *seriously* blown away by the efforts of everyone.

I’ve been planning to write about the campaign in detail for a few days, and I’ve now got all the results, all the pics and all the videos — so here it is:

Our 2008 United Way campaign launched October 15th where, (here at 33 Carlingview in Toronto), employees gathered together in the cafe for the kick off.  Bob Duff, a very inspiring United Way volunteer and the Manager of  St. Simon’s Shelter in Toronto took the time to share his United Way story and really helped us understand the impact that United Way can have — Thanks Bob.

A team of ambassadors were put to the test to come up with some great activities to engage and excite employees about the campaign.  Let me tell you — these guys did an AMAZING job.  We had online auctions, a 50/50 draw, casino night, a Halloween party, beer bingo, beer carts, jeans week, CN tower climb….even a hair-growing challenge.

From the internal pledges alone, Molson employees pledged $154,000 — a 10% increase over last year. From special events, over $107,000 — an increase of 77% over last year!

In addition to the internal activities, many Molson’ers volunteered their time for the United Way’s Days of Caring series (read more Days of Caring from Ferg).

Days of Caring -- Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre

Photo: Days of Caring — Davenport Perth Neighbourhood Centre, Toronto: Employees educated schoolchildren about the health benefits of trees in urban environments and the simple steps for proper tree care, while also helping to mulch & water trees in schools and parks.

[youtube n8G0lCGrl9I]

Video: Will Forbes, Molson United Way National Chair

Shaving it off for the United Way

Simon Brockett in Calgary getting his head shaved for United Way

Beer Cart Boys

The beer cart boys in Toronto…sorry guys, couldn’t resist!

In total, with pledges, special events, corporate donations, and Molson’s matching gift program, Molson raised just over $610,000 for the United Way — an increase of 15% from 2007.

I had some conversations recently with friends who work in the non-profit sector who have said, yes, we are worried that people won’t be able or willing to give during these tough times, and it’s true — it will be more difficult to give, but it’s still possible.  I saw this possibility become a reality when Molson employees took the challenge, reached AND surpassed goals….while having a great time!

What do you think?  Will your giving habits change while we go through tough financial times?

Tell us about your United Way efforts….share you stories and photos — we’d love to hear from you.



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  1. My gosh – how far can the team go to raise funds ?!?! Well, I am truly pleased to see all the efforts invested to make this campaign a successful one! Congratulations to all of those who worked in the campaign along with those who participated financially to make it a very successful annual campaign, again … What a team!

    Monique Dépatie
  2. I’ve worked on the Molson Employee United Way campaign for several years and the big hearts of my colleagues never cease to amaze me! In true Molson fashion, everyone shows up at fundraising events to support a great cause and share some fun. I am so proud to have been part of this amazing initiative and to watch its success grow year over year. Yeah team!

    Judy McClelland
  3. Hats off to the United Way team…what’s really impressive to me…after seeing a lot of these campaigns over the years…is that the leadership of the campaign has come from within our employees and leaders in our business. Why is that significant ? The significance is that leaders withing Molson in various disciplines are taking the lead, vs the traditional and expected role of corporate affairs or HR folks…that is true engagement and leadership. Hats off to the leadership and the teamsmanship that has resulted in resultant growth year over year. Cheers !

    Ferg Devins
  4. Congratulations to the United Way team, this is an incredible result particularly in the face of the financial uncertainty within the financial markets. It is a testament to the open hearts of Molson employees that we can raise this amount of money. The leadership to the various committees was incredible and it showed in the amount of money raised. Congratulations to everyone involved. United We Found The Way.

    Scott Ewart

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