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2008 marks the tenth anniversary of the MOLSON / TAXIGUY partnership. This tremendous program has helped people make responsible choices for a decade and has resulted in over 2.7 million rides home. This coming holiday season Molson is continuing to promote “Here’s to Responsible Choices” as we encourage people to get home safely for the holidays.

MOLSON and TAXIGUY are offering a 10% discount on TAXI DOLLARS with a minimum purchase of $50.00 in taxi dollars.

This is a terrific opportunity to by some taxi dollars to share with neighbours, friends and business associates in promoting the responsible choice of enjoying the holiday season but getting home safely with a taxi.  We also remind you to use the 1888TAXIGUY number to call your cab in more the 300 communities across Canada.

Thanks to Justin Raymond at TAXIGUY for a wonderful decade of making a difference and encouraging people to make responsible choices.

Here’s to Responsible Choices this holiday season. Here’s the link to the discount.

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  1. The taxi dollars idea is new to me. I didn’t get the point of it when I first read it. It wouldn’t come through in London, people here tend to open their own accounts with local operators to secure cheaper fares. (10-15% off standard fare). We have similar One country-one taxi phone number, but again despite being advertised havily doesn’t make people use it. Rgds. Shaun

    London Taxi-Cab Driver
  2. Shaun – thanks for the update from the UK. Always interesting to see how taxicabs fit into society in other countries. The 1-888-TAXIGUY one country one number approach has worked extremely well in Canada. Almost 3 million rides to date. Pretty strong for a drinking and driving solution. Research indicated that 88% of Canadians did not have a correct phone number committed to memory for a taxicab company in their hometown let alone every city that they may travel to across Canada. That was the reason we built a one number solution – to ensure that everyone has an easy to remember number to get them a taxicab whenever and wherever they need one. Cheers, Justin Raymond President TAXIGUY, Inc.

    Justin Raymond

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