Molson wins Globe and Mail Best Arts/Entrepreneur Partnership — Award of Distinction


I was thrilled to receive on behalf of Molson an Award of Distinction from Business Leader in the Arts for our participation with the Framework Foundation. The award recognised Molson for its participation Timeraiser events, which have raised more than 31,000 not-for-profit volunteer hours.

How do you raise 31,000 not-for-profit volunteer hours and support emerging artists by purchasing $160,000 worth of their work, all without costing you a dime???  In an art auction with a twist – Timeraiser allows young adults to give their time, skills and energy to not-for-profit organisations, instead of their dollars.  Timeraiser purchases art at fair market value from emerging artists, which people then bid on using donated time, not dollars.  The artists receive incredible exposure, the not-for-profit finds lots of great help, the spirit of community involvement grows and volunteers get a permanent reminder of the contribution to hang on their walls.  Since 2004 Molson has supported Timeraiser and encouraged other corporations to get involved.  Other blogs about Molson at Timeraiser.

It was a thrill to receive this award from the Business Leaders in the Arts. Other recipients of the award of distinction were Cineplex for The National Ballet of Canada; TD Bank for the Magenta Foundation; and Bordeaux Developments for Epcor Centre.

Have you ever participated in a Timeraiser event?

My name is Scott Ewart, I am the Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer for Molson.  I work with Ferg Devins and Tonia Hammer and this is my first blog post!!!!!!  I look forward to having conversations with you and you’ll hear from me again soonI

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  1. Great first blog post Scott! So happy to have you on the blogging team :) I participated in Timeraiser this year and am now volunteering the hours I ‘bid’ at Meal Exchange — great people, great cause.

    Tonia Hammer
  2. Great blog Scott…spreading the great news about great orgnizations that Molson is involved with in the greater community. Anil Patel and all associated with his time raiser efforts are creating opportunities for more people to engage in philanthropy…a great model and one Molson is proud to continue to support…cheers !

    Ferg Devins
  3. I would like to thank Framework Foundation submitting the nomination. We are truly honoured to be recognized by Business Leaders in the Arts.

    Scott Ewart
  4. Hope we are able to keep these kind of activities going in these troubled times! Fingers crossed.

  5. Robert thank you very much for your comment. Molson has been involved in the community for over 220 years. It started with our founder John Molson who believed we are all part of a larger community which depends on all of us playing a part. Our involvement in the community has always been a business decision. We believe that strong communities build strong business….. therefore our commitment to communities will not falter.

    Scott Ewart

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