CSR Weekend at Queen’s University…this weekend


A team of Molson folks will be travelling to Queen’s University this weekend to partake in the Queen’s School of Business CSR Certification “CSR weekend”. Travelling to Queen’s to participate in a dialogue with business students will be Chief Legal and Public Affairs Officer – Scott Ewart, Vice President fo Government and Public Affairs – Ferg Devins, and Community Relations Co-ordinator – Tonia Hammer. Mary Donohue, a consultant working with Molson in Philanthropic endeavours will also be accompanying the group and participating in this unque learning event at Queen’s. This is the second  year that Molson will participate in the CSR weekend at Queen’s. Last year we announced the creation of the National Mentoring Program whereby students get teamed up with a Molson employee as a mentorin to tackle a particular challenge facing a non profit organization. The Molson mentor and student look at various perspectives and opportunities to resolve the non profit’s challenge and then Molson supports the student in a summer job position with the charity to resolve the issue. Look forward to seeing everyone in Kingston. If anyone has any ideas about enhancing CSR initiatives or other ideas that you would like us to consider, please comment below. Here’s to responsible choices !

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  1. Hi Tonia,

    It was great to have the Molson’s people with us this weekend. I think everyone learned a lot and people were inspired by the great practices being undertaken by the firms who joined us. It will be interesting to see the CSR suggestions prompted by this blog.

    Peggy Cunningham
  2. I had a great time this weekend Peggy! Thanks for inviting Molson to join. The passion from the students amazed me – they ‘get it’.

    Tonia Hammer

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