Molson Partners in Project Green – A Pearson Eco-Business Zone


Picture - From the left; Ferg Devins of Molson, The Hon. John Gerretsen, Ontario Minister of Environment and Doug Dittburner of Molson, were proud to give their tumbs-up to Partners in Project Green.

It’s being called the largest eco-business zone in North America. Partners in Project Green is setting out to transform the 12,000 hectares of industrial and commercial land area surrounding Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and make it into a sustainable eco-industrial park called the Pearson Eco-Business Zone. And with our Toronto brewery located squarely in the Zone, Molson is proud to partner in Project Green, along with The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA), local businesses and municipalities to introduce a wide range of environmental improvements, such as reducing energy and water consumption, making better use of organic waste, and retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient.

Project Green Takes Off in Style Project Green had a smooth takeoff at Toronto Pearson’s Infield Terminal on October 9. I along with Doug DittburnerFerg Devins and Carole Berry represented Molson and joined representatives from TRCA, GTAA, government, and over 250 businesses at the official launch ceremony of Partners in Project Green. Those on hand to offer support included the Ontario Minister of the Environment, John Gerretsen, who recently visited our Toronto brewery and praised Molson’s leadership in environmental initiatives, as well as Ontario Minister of Natural Resources, Donna Cansfield were amongst the invited speakers for that event.

I must say that I am proud to see that Molson is playing its part in this collective effort which will drive significant environmental improvements to the area. What’s more, we’re anticipating that our partnership in Project Green will result in further improvements to Molson’s financial and environmental performance as well as creating value for our community.  Cheers to all involved in Partners in Project Green!

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  1. Sebastien…humility is very becoming…just wanted to thank you for also attending the Project Green launch and for obviously working hard on this post to spread the great news about this initiative in our immediate business community…nice work and thanks for your assistance…cheers

    Ferg Devins
  2. It’s great to have Molson on board for Partners in Project Green – with Molson’s corporate leadership and its great staff, we’re looking forward to not only helping Molson green its bottom line, but its assistance in re-branding the industrial area surrounding Toronto Pearson into the place to do green business globally.

    Cheers to the green beer in the brown bottle.

    Chris Rickett
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  4. I am very impressed with the big steps Molson has to reduce their environmental footprint. I do have a suggestion to reduce energy. I notice that many people have individual beer fridges in their offices. Maybe we could encourage staff to use the communal fridges vs… having one per office. This would reduce energy and the amount of CO2 admitted into the atmosphere. Also it would be great to be the first Canadian beer company that focuses upgrades all their beer fridges to energy efficient beer fridges.


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