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Flag pole at the Toronto Brewery

Flag pole at the Toronto Brewery

I was driving into work on Thursday morning and as I approached the brewery at the 401 exit to Carlingview Drive low and behold…the Toronto Maple Leafs flag was flying high on the Molson flag pole. Running through my mind instantly was that this was an opportunity to post the flag raising to the Molson Community Blog. Now, some might question why the “community blog”. It is relevant here given the fact that Molson is a long standing sponsor, support and partner of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Our association runs long and deep with the organization, even back to those more staunch rival days between Montreal and Toronto (not to diminish the rivalry today !). Molson’s partnerships with all of our Canadian major league hockey teams is a large part of Molson in the community. Our sponsorship, brand programs, engagement in charity and support for each team is ongoing. Some may recall the Molson Canadian tag “It’s a CANADIAN game”. Molson is proud to support hockey in Canada at all levels. So, Leaf fans – you will love to see the flag flying alongside the 401 and 427 in Toronto to celebrate the opening of the 2008-09 season. Other fans…don’t take offence…be proud of your support for your team as well. Hey, if you would like, I would be proud to post your favourite flag photo of your team as a footnote to this blog.  Special thanks to Tonia Hammer who promptly got over to the brewery yesterday and captured these shots and video of Leaf pride at the Molson Toronto Brewery.  Cheers…go HOCKEY go !

[youtube HXLtmbdtSos]

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  1. Dustin
  2. oh Dustin…that is just a perfect shot back across the bow…nice one ! but…Leafs…undefeated this season so far pal…how about those Red Wings ? Cheers…

    Ferg Devins
  3. Hey Dustin, It’s a long, long hockey season and it’s been 42 years and counting for the Leafs without the Cup! My prediction a Stanley Cup Final Wings vs. Montreal Canadiens!

    Molson is also a proud supporter of the Montreal Canadiens. Les Canadiens are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year! Could it be the year of their 25th Stanley Cup? Time will tell.


    To Hockey Fans across our nation, cheers to a great season!

    Go Habs Go!

    Sebastien Charbonneau

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