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So this weekend is Nuit Blanche in Toronto — a sleepless night where Toronto’s communities are transformed by artists…in unexpected places.  This is my first year going to Nuit Blache, and I plan to spend the whole evening and wee early morning hours seeing as many of the 155 destinations that I can.

One stop that is definitely be on my list is Zone C — the South/West zone in Liberty Village.  This zone will be home to an interactive outdoor installation created by two local artists, Dan Shaddick and Rodrigo Marti.  The installation, called DandyBerry, is the winner in an open call contest held by Heineken, one of our partner brands here at Molson.


Pic from dandyberry.blogspot.com

Heineken held a national open call for submissions for an interactive outdoor installation by emerging artists earlier this year.  DandyBerry was selected by a jury and can be found in Zone C which Heineken will be sponsoring this year.

I only found out about DandyBerry a few days ago and I was extremely curious to know what it is — especially because it’s an interactive piece. So…a little background info:

What is a DandyBerry?

The DandyBerry project takes its name from the words “Dandy”: a character of urban folklore who existed within a trendy city environment and who views the city as his playground – and “Berry”: in reference to the Blackberry™, the iPhone™, and all the other gadgetry that a Dandy would surely jumped to own.

The artists will invite spectators to interact with the installation by speaking into microphones or ‘audio wormholes’, which will affect light amplification in Liberty Village.  The sounds will be immediate and looped to form an audio pastiche throughout the night.

For more info about the project and some preview pics, check out the DandyBerry blog and then stop by the Dominion Parking lot at 100 Lynn Williams Street starting at sundown.

What are your plans for Nuit Blanche?  What are your must-see exhibits?  Would love suggestions of where to go!


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  1. How was it?

  2. Wicked….busy area! What did you see?

    Tonia Hammer
  3. crowds … haha

  4. Zone C in Liberty Village was really cool!


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