Molson Vlog Episode 8: National Mentoring Program


The group

About a week ago, I joined the National Mentoring Program (NMP) for lunch in Toronto to celebrate and recognize the wonderful work of the students and mentors this year — kind of like a NMP graduation.

I’ve written about this program a few times over the last year, and am happy to be writing again to congratulate the Queen’s University students, their Molson Mentors and the organizations they worked with. Kevin Boyce, CEO and President of Molson, joined us as well and had a chance to hear about the great things the student/Molson teams accomplished.

The latest Molson vlog:

[youtube YMqM56XF7UQ]

Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue (founder of the NMP) and Scott Ewart

Kevin Boyce, Mary Donohue and Scott Ewart

Kevin having lunch with the students

National Mentoring Program

More photos of the students on flickr:

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  1. The lunch was great. It was fantastic to hear about all of the projects the students had put together, but more importantly, the results they achieved! We at Molson hoped you all had a great experience. Scott Ewart

    scott ewart

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