Rickard’s Griller of Glory 2008


Griller of Glory 019

From Left: Bob Jenkins, James DiFore, Court Bethune

Yesterday was the day we crowned the first ever Rickard’s Griller of Glory at Dundas Square in Toronto. It was where beer met the grill –barbecuing with Rickard’s White and Red.

Three challengers, a.k.a ‘the Grillers of Glory’ entered into a competition where they were asked to BBQ their best recipes using both Rickard’s Red and White beers. The challengers, James DiFore, Bob Jenkins and Court Bethune, were given 30 minutes, ingredients (steak, shrimp, spices, veggies, etc), and a whole lotta beer in order to create the tastiest and more inventive recipes possible.

Griller of Glory 017

From Left: Mirella Amato, Alexa Clark, Kyle Rae, Phil Nyman

Once the 30 min were up, our expert panel of judges scrutinized and tasted the BBQ plates and decided on the winner. Our judges:

  • Phil Nyman: BBQ Chef and Owner, Phil’s Original BBQ restaurant
  • Mirella Amato: Proprietor of Beerology.ca and Certified Beer Judge
  • Alexa Clark: Editor and Publisher, CheapEats Toronto
  • Kyle Rae: Toronto City Councillor, Ward 27, Toronto Centre-Rosedale

This year’s Griller of Glory was griller #2 (below), Bob Jenkins, an accountant from Toronto — Way to go Bob! The lovely Rickard’s ladies presented Bob with a massive trophy and his own Napoleon BBQ.

Griller of Glory 045

There was also a second, special cook-off to benefit the Ontario Food Bank Association. Three Toronto firefighters battled it out on the grill for the glory of their fire stations! Again, the competitors had 30 min and were then judged immediately after. Captain Paul Beams took the top spot and was crowned Griller of Glory. Congrats to Paul, and thanks to Jim Morache and Damien Walsh for taking the time to BBQ for a great cause.

Griller of Glory 055

We also had a guest firefighter judge the boys…Peter Cooper from Station 134.

It was a great day of grilling despite a few rain drops, and a very entertaining day with many thanks to our fabulous emcee and chef, Michael Clive (below).

Some clips of the grillers, judges and Michael in action!

[youtube 9TMd3mFSrK8]

Adam Spence (below left) Executive Director, Ontario Association of Food Banks joined in the fun and accepted a donation of $1000.

Griller of Glory 063

As a final note, I’ll post some of Phil Nyman’s Rickard’s Red and White BBQing recipes soon. I plan to try a few out this weekend….would love to hear about your fav. Rickard’s recipes!

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Have a safe and happy long weekend. Cheers!

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  2. When I try to enter the contest I am told that my email doesn’t exist. Then I try to register and am told that my email already esists. ???????

    Michael Lovelock
  3. @Michael – unfortunately this contest was only for last summer, but will definitely send you a note if we do run it again.

    Tonia Hammer
  4. @Michael – unfortunately this contest was only for last summer, but will definitely send you a note if we do run it again. Cheers.

    Tonia Hammer
  5. I’m not sure I’m in the right place…but it’s the best I could find. I’m a Rickards White fan and I’ve reccomended it to a number of my friends. One of them was coming to watch the Jay’s game yesterday and he picked up a case or 12 to bring over as a gift…he had never tried your beer before. Sadly the first glass he poored was a very bad experience…a very large blob of grey sediment came from the bottle into his glass…I have attached a not very good photo of same. I’m not a complainer or letter writer and I can assure you that what I say is true. I regard it as very fortunate that he didn’t drink the beer out of the bottle, as I’m sure many must do. Clearly it was not a good first experience for him and he declined to drink any more of your product yesterday.

    The beer was purchased in Richmond Hill ON at the Crosby and Yonge location on May 30th. We did return the glass with the sediment in it to that store…but I got the feeling that it probably was not going to get back to you. I am in possession of the remaining bottles so if there is a code or number that would let you indentify this particular batch let me know and I will try to provide it. I really thought you should know and I will await your response before I make any further reccomendations to my friends.

    Jeff Parisi

    ps…I was not able to attach the picture here…I do have it and, if you wish, I can send it if you provide me with an address

    Jeff Parisi
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