Molson VLOG Episode 5: Timeraiser 2008


A few months ago, I wrote about an event organized by Framework Foundation called Timeraiser. Molson is a founding sponsor and partner of the event, and I attended along with half a dozen Molson employees. See post: A quick background: Timeraiser is an art auction, but Instead of bidding money on the the art, people are asked to bid their TIME which is then donated to a charitable organization of their choice….very cool idea. For this year’s Timeraiser in Toronto, Molson’s VLOG creator and CSR partner, ARC (Artists Raising Consciousness), filmed a short documentary showcasing the event — from conception, to planning, to execution. The film, a J.W. McConnell Family Foundation “Change in Action” film, shows the layers of a Timeraiser and how it’s moved to a national level. Timeriaser was founded by Anil Patel, a social innovator and executive director at Frameworks Foundation. Anil has been leading the organization since its inception in 2002, and through Timeraiser, he has found a way to build community investment and strength by bringing together non-profit and charitable organizations, local artists, students and young professionals and community-minded corporations. Congrats to Anil and his team on yet another successful Timeraiser. [youtube gwQ4mkMdpFg]

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