Molson Toronto Brewery Hosted Peter Love Ontario’s Chief Conservation Officer


Last week was Energy Conservation Week across the province of Ontario and Peter Love Ontario’s Chief Conservation Officer was a man in high demand! Participation and support towards energy conservation came from every corner of the province. Thousands of Ontarians, from students to business people or politicians, all embraced and participated in activities related to the Energy Conservation Week.  We, at Molson, had recently held our own Brewery Energy Conservation Week (Week of April 28) and Peter took time from his busy schedule to stop by and visit us at the Toronto brewery. The Chief Conservation Officer was able to see for himself what we at Molson do and how we raise awareness of all employees to support energy conservation in their day-to-day work or at home. 

Peter came accompanied by two communication interns working with him at Ontario Power Authority. Also present for this visit where representatives of Enbridge Gas Distribution; Peter Goldman and Ashu Kahol. Peter and Ashu took this opportunity to present Molson with the sum of $18,915 in recognition of our conservation efforts.  (Thank you Enbridge Gas Distribution for this show of support and acknowledgement.)

The group spent a couple of hours with us at the brewery and learned about our Brewery Energy Conservation Program and various other energy conservation efforts implemented in our operations in the past few years. These efforts augment our energy efficiency and help us conserve those precious resources we all depend on. Our guests also gained knowledge of our recycling initiatives in place at Molson breweries across Canada. The group was then given a tour of the brewery packaging facility and met some of our employees working the line. Our guests were able to acknowledge employees directly for their energy conservation efforts. The visit was then concluded with the sampling of a fine cold Molson beer and a toast to energy conservation!

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