Video from the Molson and Montreal Alouettes Blood Drive


A couple weeks ago I wrote about the Molson and Montreal Alouettes Blood Drive.  I was recently sent some video from the event, and thought you might enjoy taking a look.  The first video is from Alouettes TV.

[youtube HwlAVFJv0ZE]

[youtube _ZdjMvQP8tA]




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  1. J’ai été heureuse de participer à la collecte de sang…et d’agir à titre de bénévole pour cette occasion. Expérience très enrichissante avec mes collègues… une activité qui crée des sang !!!

  2. I am more than proud to appreciate the engagement of our Molson employees to ensure the success of such an event. I just love it!
    What an accomplishment it is to make a gift of life, along with a great partner, The Montreal Alouettes! How professional this organization really is! Thanks – Mo

    Monique Dépatie

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