Molson Community Vlog Presents Episode #3: The Gander Stage


It’s time for the next installment of Molson’s Community Vlog….Episode #3: The Gander Stage.

The Molson Donation Fund donated $10,000 toward helping to purchase a permanent stage for Gander’s (NL) community centre.    

[youtube a9dzKUWauZs]


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  1. Since meeting Ferg, I have documented the 20 minute make-over, been to Vancouver where Kevin announced the Olympics, all the way to Gander where I met the team out there and the mayor, Halifax where I had the privilege of hanging out with a hockey legend (vlog to come…)

    Its been a pretty amazing experience this far to be telling such a story of how a Molson gives back to the community.

    Its amazing to go from coast to coast to learn about such a large company and then meet the individuals that work in the company through the environment that they live in. if you could just imagine what it is like for me to arrive in a different part of our country and be greeted by the local rep and learn about a part of Canada through their eyes. It’s a nationalistic journey hosted by Molson. I know I am on to something here, some experience that few get such a privilege to embark on.

    Gander was a cultural experience. To fly so far and be in another land with people who sound different then me and know that they and I live in the same country yet experience a different way of life. Gander is a small town in obvious comparison to Toronto. The people are beautiful and fun. These are my countrymen and I felt like I was on a mythical journey and found new friends that live very far away from me but will accept me at anytime in the future as a friend and part of their community.

    We were very well taken care of. Their hospitality is outstanding!

    You would think it was all a put on when it comes to their dedication and commitment to Molson Beer. As Jim Rogers says in the vlog, he is like the Mayor. In fact the mayor himself said to me the two most important part of life in Gander and Newfoundland is the food and the beer. Its amazing to see the role Molson plays in a community where the beer is a cultural icon.

    When we visited, the whole team was there from all parts of Newfoundland/Labrador. It’s an interesting way how they do the beer business and from what I understand much different than the way the rest of Molson is run. They have distributors from every town. It gives you the feel of an interconnected community that spreads through the land and they were all convening to discuss their national culture: serving beer.

    At night we were taken away on a pub crawl that hit every bar in Gander. It was quite the happening. Gander is a small town and all of the sudden some unexpecting pub with 4 people in it would be descended upon by 30+ Molson associates. I am sure the town of Gander and pub owners were very appreciative. As well as the bartenders! Not only did sales go through the roof as Molson spread its generosity throughout the town but the bartenders were being showered in 20 dollar tips by each Molson representative! It was an amazing display of a large entity like Molson thanking its patronage and giving back even more.

    As you can see in the Vlog, the mayor and the community centre were very appreciative of the stage. It’s a real practical gift that will enhance the way they experience culture in that place. To believe that before the stage they were building something for every show that was constructed with drums and planks is wild. They would have to strike the set every time so they could get back to playing Hockey. This stage is a practical gift that was very needed.

    Its been such an amazing experience thus far telling a part of the Molson story. To see Canada this way is a very touching experience and when I started out to be a storyteller I never in my wildest imagination would have dreamt up something like this.

    I very much enjoyed my time in gander. I met some amazing people who took us around and showed us how our fellow Canadians live. I suggest to any Molson employee that gets the chance to go visit your Molson family in Newfoundland. After this visit I truly learned what it means to be Canadian apart of such a huge country with so many different cultures. They are truly amazing people. If Jim has the time he’ll even take you on a tour to see some wildlife. He even has some in very close proximity to his own house and if the season is right he can show you some of the bears he met ;)

    When speaking of Canadian culture, Its amazing to realize that Molson beer is right up there as a national pastime.

    Billie Mintz
    ARC Institute

    Billie Mintz
  2. Every time I see a corporation subsidizing a sports arena, Naomi Klein’s “No Logo” pops into my head. In the book, Ms. Klein cautions that the sword cuts both ways: There is a cost for every benefit of allying yourself with corporations.

    It’s a compelling argument.

    For me, every time a corporation gets involved in the finances of the underfunded, I always ask myself: “What’s in it for them?” Generally though, the answer is pretty clear: it generates sales, and it makes them look good. Why spend your entire marketing budget blasting eyeballs with hot girls at parties you’ll never get invited to – or hanging out with dudes who are 8 times funnier than you’ll ever be – when you can help a community, a team’s rabidly-loyal fan base and get people thinking, “Molson’s pretty cool for doing this”. If they don’t have to rename themselves the Gander Beerdrinkers, I don’t see anything wrong with finding a revenue model that incorporates (pardon the pun) money from for-profit entities.

    My only fear – and it doesn’t appear to rear its ugly head here – is that as our notoriously underfunded cultural institutions (amateur sport, art, etc) become overly-reliant on the purveyors of profit to bail us out of our imperfect business plans, their power increases. How long will it be before they start dictating how we do things, what we call things and how much we charge?

    But hell, if the worst thing that happens is that Molson puts their name a few places – and a hockey arena gets a much-needed revamp in the process – I think it’s a good fit. In fact, I’ll put the Molson logo on my living room wall if Molson is willing to buy me a condo. I have a lot of friends. Think about the niche market, Molson!

    Bobby Del Rio
  3. I like your vlogs


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