Molson Launches Its Brewery Energy Conservation Program



As you probably know, the issue of energy conservation is making headlines throughout the world today. The call to action is for all of us realize that to preserve our planet’s resources for generations to come; we all have to take action. At Molson, we depend on the future of natural resources such as water, hops or barley to make our beer. So, it’s absolutely critical for us to reduce our energy consumption and ensure those resources last, for at least a few more centuries.

I’m pleased to share on this forum that this week we launched our Energy Conservation Program across all of Molson breweries in Canada. It is an internal campaign which focuses on getting everyone working in the breweries involved in making small changes that can lead to big results in conserving water, electricity and natural gas. The program includes targets for reducing the amount of energy or water used in making our beers. There is a comprehensive communication plan focusing on raising the awareness amongst brewery personnel about the importance of being informed and mindful of their water and energy use at work of course but also at home. Their actions – for example, when they turn off equipment that is not in use, signaling leaking water taps – or switching off lights that are unnecessary can make a big difference. The plan is designed to increase their awareness of this and to encourage a change of behaviors and culture towards reducing wasted energy and water, at the brewery or at home.

It’s a new approach but energy efficiency is not a new to Molson. Over the years, we’ve already taken important steps to reduce our environmental footprint. For example, we target environmental conservation at all steps of the brewing process. We’ve also set standards in water management, waste reduction and recycling. Our recycling initiatives with beer bottles, aluminium and corrugated cardboard dramatically reduce land fill.

Looking ahead, the goal is to continue to reduce energy usage in our brewing process. The focus of the campaign is on three key energy sources: gas, electricity and water.

As individuals, we all have the power to make a difference for the environment, whether it’s at work or at home. Small gestures have a real, positive impact. For example, you can turn off a dripping tap, power off idling machines, turn off lights and computers.

We’ll keep track of our progress and we’ll regularly communicate results and provide updates and conservation ideas and tips to employees. The ultimate intent is to make Molson one of the most environmentally conscious and energy efficient breweries in the world.

Why? Simply put, because it’s the right thing to do, and together we have the power to make a difference!

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