Molson and Montreal Alouettes annual blood drive


Results are in from the Molsonan Montreal Alouettes annual blood drive! 

156 volunteers (88 being Molson employees) showed up to give blood last week at the Molson Brewery in Montreal.  This was the second year for the event which is organized in collaboration with Hema-Quebec. 

Alouette team players, alumni, cheerleaders and the mascot – Touche (means Touch Down in English!) were there all day, cheering on, helping and thanking the volunteers for their priceless donations.

Great job everyone! 

Quick blood fact!!!  Did you know, a single blood donation can save up to four lives?   So that means the volunteers at the Molson and Monrteal Alouettes blood drive have helped to save up to 624 lives….Way to go!

Above Photo: Louise Gauthier donating blood, surrounded by (from left): Second row: Alouette cheerleader, Éric Lapointe (Montreal Alouette Alumni), Carole Vallée from Hema Québec, Peter Dalla Riva (Montreal Alouette Alumni), Brad Smith (Montreal Alouette Player), Alouette cheerleader – First row: Matthieu Proulx (Montreal Alouette Player) and Louise Gauthier.

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  1. What a successful story … the commitment of Molson Employees to not only give blood but to also get involved as volunteers. 156 blood donations is considered by Hema Québec a substantiel collect, and we are all very proud of that! Congratulations for quite a community investment!

    Monique Dépatie

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