Molson teams up with ARC….Molson Community VLOG – Episode 1


Welcome to the first of many ‘Molson Community VLOGs posts - Proud to Play our Part’.  The video logs that you’ll be seeing are being created by an amazing organization called ARC – Artists Raising Consciousness. Molson connected with the team at ARC a couple weeks ago at Timeraiser (click here to read about Timeraiser), where ARC was filming and Molson was a sponsor.  Molson will be working with ARC to capture the great community events that Molson is a part of.  Can’t wait for episode 2…


Episode 1: April 18, 2008, 20-Minute Makeover

[youtube THr6t5pEV-o]


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  1. Awesome video. Amir should have his own video blog.

  2. Agreed! Great idea Dave…. Amir?

    Tonia Hammer
  3. Awesome video– great job Molson…. would have liked to see this Tonia Hammer in the vid…

    Kasia Lech
  4. Camera shy :) Thanks Kasia….more videos to come!

    Tonia Hammer
  5. I was a bit reluctant to post a comment, considering I took part in the making of this video, but Ferg convinced me to.

    I think Molson is awesome for doing what they do, and I am proud to be involved in your amazing initiatives.

    Dan from ARC!!!
    (hows that for transparency?)

  6. hey Dan…thanks for posting…so many people send me emails and comments rather than post it back on the blog…thanks for taking the time to express your feelings here…we’re really proud of the work that you guys are doing for us in spreading the news about Molson in the Community…cheers…Ferg

    Ferg Devins
  7. The best part of volunteering is having fun “y’all” looked like you were having a blast – NICE JOB and loved the band! Your friend and consultant

  8. Congratulations on your incredible volunteer efforts in communities across the country. This 20-minute clean up is a true example of how much can be accomplished in a very short period of time when employees come together for a common cause. We at Volunteer Canada commend you for your extraordinary suopport of volunteerism and look forward to hearing more excitingt updates through the year.

    Wendy Mitchell

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