Edmonton Molson House


A story emerged on CBC radio in Edmonton and in the Edmonton Journal this week referring to the future plans for Molson House in Edmonton on the site of the Molson Brewery. Molson Brewery in Edmonton closed in the summer of 2007 and the site sale is nearing completion with an interested purchaser. Molson House, located on the Brewery site in Edmonton has long been associated with various community festivals, events and special occasions. In fact it was at Molson House where the famous Wayne Gretzy trade to the Los Angelas Kings took place. in recent years there was a significant decline in the use of Molson House as more of our licensed establishment customers offered their failities for these hospitality events. If a community orgnization is interested in acquiring Molson House, Molson would be willing to donate the facility to the community group and the cost of moving would be the responsbility of the interested party. inquiries should be directed to  bryan.cox@molson.com.

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