Timeraiser Toronto raises over 11,000 hours!



Molson employees volunteering time at the Framework Foundation’s Toronto Timeraiser on Saturday, April 5, 2008.  From left: Peter Bombaci, Fiona Cunningham, Tonia Hammer, Sebastien Gagner, Kathleen Krisciunas.

‘Wow’ is the only way I can describe how amazing Saturday night at the 5th annual Timeraiser was.  Held at the beautiful Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District, this year’s Toronto event was sold out days before the event date.

What is a Timeraiser you ask? 

A Timeraiser is a charity art auction where rather than bidding money, you bid the number of hours that you are willing to volunteer for an organization of your choice — An AMAZING way to help young Canadians who want to volunteer, connect with different organizations.

This year’s Toronto event was a great success, raising over 11,000 hours – way above the original goal of 7,500.  Everyone was bidding like crazy!  The bid maximum was 150 hours per piece of artwork, and at least 90% of the art pieces reached the maximum amount.

Molson has been a proud sponsor of Timeraiser since its conception 5 years ago.  Some of Molson’s community partners were part of the event too, including The United Way and Meal Exchange.  I decided to bid hours for Meal Exchange, and I can’t wait to start working with such a great organization.

[youtube w0j-AoNFFnA]

Interview with Molson employee and Timeraiser volunteer, Peter Bombaci

Watch for upcoming Timeraisers in Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver – www.timeraiser.com for more information.

Proud to play our part…..cheers!

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  1. What a unique way to help people get involved in their communities! Congratulations to Framework Foundation for a successful Timeraiser and to the Molson employees who volunteered and participated at the event. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the organizations you’ll be working with over the next few months.

    Scott Ewart
  2. I am very proud to have been involved with the Timeraiser (organized by Framework Foundation) since its inception 5 years ago. It’s a really neat way to introduce people to a wide range of agencies that are looking for volunteers. These agencies may not need help with the specific reason they exist, but maybe they need help with their website, or someone to answer the phones, or may need some accounting help. That’s where the hundreds of young professionals who were at the event on Saturday come in. Whether they are sucessful in winning their chosen piece of art with the most hours bid, or whether their eyes are opened to the myriad of volunteer opportunities that are out there, this is an organization that makes a difference. Timeraisers are spreading to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal. Get out there, get involved and VOLUNTEER!!!!

    Kathleen Krisciunas
  3. To the whole team, congratulations for your involvement in this great Timeraiser. Peter, this interview of yours in YouTube is absolutely great … you just made us proud to part of your team.
    Again, cheers for your dedication!

    Monique Dépatie
  4. Another great success for Framework, and for the community! It’s exciting to watch this organization grow from an idea to a very successful initiative that is a three-way win….emerging artists, community agencies, and the volunteers who get involved. We are very proud of our Molson volunteers who passionately believe in this cause – and who better to speak about it than our star, Pete?! Congatulations to Anil and our Molson volunteers for your dedication. You set a great example about what it means to give back to your community.

    Judy McClelland
  5. What to say on my first blog posting (yes I am a little behind the times)???

    There is no time that I feel more proud to work for Molson than when I stand as a volunteer representing the company at an event. We do amazing things at Molson. We sell great beer, we market great beer, we have amazing people poeople playing key roles in all aspects of our business, however what we do as well as anyone is GIVE BACK. With the launch of last years MVP program the company has demonstrated a committment to giving back and through the involvment in organizations like the Framework Foundation we can better understand what a differnece we make when we are hands on.
    The Timeraiser is one of the most amazing projects I have had the pleasure of volunteering for. Led by a Molson Alumnus (Anil Patel) this organization continues to amaze people from coast to coast with it’s ability to engage people 20-40 years old and get them to volunteer with numerous volunteer organizations. It is great that Molson supports such a wonderful cause and I am proud to work alongside my fellow Molson employees as a volunteer at the Timeraiser events.



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