Molson asks: What are you doing for Earth Hour? Off to City Hall and Queen’s Park to find out


For the last couple days, Carole Berry (also a Molsonemployee) and I have been traveling around Toronto, asking our City Councillors, M.P.P.s, M.Ps, and the Deputy Mayor what their planning to do tonight for Earth Hour!

Our first stop was at City Hall in Toronto, where we met with Deputy Mayor of Toronto, Joe Pantalone, and City Councillor John Parker.

Joe Pantalone, Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina

[youtube EG8-q8-vTsQ]

John Parker, Ward 26 Don Valley West

[youtube tY9aSXLuduc]

Next Carole and I went to Queen’s Park to visit Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, M.P.P., Etobicoke North.

[youtube NPnTb_ptj74]

Our last stop was with the Honourable Roy Cullen, P.C., M.P. Etobicoke North.

[youtube LJXtTCbbSwc]

 Thank you to everyone for taking a moment to talk about Earth Hour with us!


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  1. MOLSON montreal is also part of the move !
    so am i…
    have a nice dark weekend…
    GG from MOLSON montreal


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