Molson To Participate in EARTH HOUR March 29, 8-9pm



When something as obviously great and inspiring as EARTH HOUR comes along,you just don’t need to think about it too long, or have a series of meetings and discussions about it. Earth Hour is a wonderful effort that started in Sydney Australia last year and is gaining momentum around the globe. Molson is Proud to Play our Part by taking a look across our brewery network in Canada in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Moncton and St. John’s. Our brewery managers are assessing what actions we can take on March 29th to raise awareness and make a difference in reducing energy use. Molson will also be encouraging our employees from coast to coast to consider what they can do personally on the evening of March 29th to raise awarnress in their communities and make a difference in having an effect on climate change. Jump on board !

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  1. Ferg,

    What interesting times that we live in where corporations, municipalities and private individuals are collectively working to smack the federal government in the head—it’s the planet stupid and we don’t have time for the usual politics!”

    Good to see that Molson is joining in.

    Warren Christiani

    Warren Christiani
  2. Great update

  3. it has really been encouraging to see the response that we have been receiving on Earth Hour…I know that Coors in the US is also going to jump on board and conduct activities. Sebastien in our communications group is rallying a lot of support within Molson across the country…all of our breweries will be involved…its a great start to raising greater awareness and the actions that we can take to make a difference…cheers..Ferg

    Ferg Devins
  4. The brewing and Operations teams are looking forward and are excited in participating in the Earth hour on march 29. Each brewery team are establsihing their action plans and we are starting to see the details this week. This action will be a good trigger for our National Energy awareness week that we are organizing in april across all our Breweries. This will be an opportunity to share and seek ideas on how we can each play our part in reducing our energy footprint. Cheers, Daniel Pelland

    Daniel Pelland
  5. thats great

  6. isn’t just as simple as turning off the parking lot lights for an hour? all we need to do is cut back a little for each one of us and we MAY change the future!

    robert rankine
  7. What I found interesting: I have 3 children, ages 10 – 18, all of them inquired as to what we, as a family, are doing on Sat night for Earth Hour. Together we will make a difference.

    Carole Berry

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