How to…engage employees in being greener?



We, at Molson, are looking at how to further improve our energy efficiency and consequently reduce our greenhouse emissions. No matter how good corporate policies and practices look on paper, nothing can change without the active engagement of all employees from across the organization. Of course, as a professional communicator focused on employee communications, I am biased, but I strongly feel that we, as a company, must recognize how important it is to connect with staff, and get them involved in our efforts to become more environmentally conscious, and further reduce our energy consumption. Simply establishing a policy isn’t enough, not seeking employee understanding or feedback is recipe for failure. To make new practices part of “the business culture” we need effective communication that builds a sense of common purpose and helps individuals and teams to change their behavior is an important element. Yes but, what else?  I’m looking at ideas and simple steps to help us engage Molson’s workforce in being more and more committed to the environment, both in words and actions! If you have opinions, ideas or suggestions please let me know, I’d like to engage in conversations about this topic right on this channel.  

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  1. The use of simple and powerful imagery is effective in generating conversation. I have seen a number of video examples that are provoking and engaging. People respond to story telling and engaging people in story telling is an effective way of sparking their interest.
    My daughter sent me this for example:
    Once the story is told, an list of actionable items:
    1) reduce your catalogs and mail consumption:
    2) take action on corporate accountability:

    These types of sites provide both actual things you can do such as reduce junk mail, and pledges or promises you can make, such as reduce your use of bottled water

    Marilyn Pratt
  2. Hi Sebastien,
    My question is are we, the employees at 33 Carlingview doing enough to ensure that the waste from our cafeteria, and the blue boxes under our desks is disposed in an enviormentaly friendly manner? It appears that at the end of the day, all the garbage is placed in one large trash bin in the parking lot, even though it appears to have been sorted internally.

    Lucie J Grande
  3. Hi Lucie, thanks for the feedback… Ferg Devins is spearheading a revitalized recycling effort here at 33 Carlingview which will adress precisly your points of concerns, namely;
    1. engaging the Recycling Council of Ontario to do a walk through “audit” and see, areas of improvement, concerns etc.
    2. once done review with Jim Easton and Josie Gendoszto deetermine what opportunities result from this audit; determine actions and engage employees that have expressed concerns and opportunities…Finally, loop in the people leading the energy conservation efforts in our breweries and reach out to employees beyond 33.

    Let us know what you think, Ferg, please step in if i missed anything.


    Sebastien Charbonneau
  4. Lucie, thanks for raising the question. Sebastien has covered most of what we are reviewing, along with some of the immediate next steps. It is important that we get a status report of how our practices are currently benchmarked, and then what steps we can take to continuously improve our management of and care of the environment. Suggestions that you and other employees raise will be critical elements of our plan moving forward. Cheers.

    Ferg Devins

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