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I had received a note from Bruce Touzel in the US raving about a new hockey mask that he had purchased and was going to wear in his next game. Obviously living in the USA reminiscing about Canada and our renowned national sport, Bruce had a special place in his heart and fond memories of the Molson long standing association with hockey in Canada (editorial perspective there obviously!). The mask looks great Bruce. I hope it has brought you some luck on the ice and refreshment post game.  Thanks for sending in the pictures. Cheers.


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  1. Thanks Ferg, I’m getting so many looks and great comments from everyone (Americans and Canadians), thay all think its great, and appreciate the support of Molson all through the years. This mask goes great with my newly acquired Pembroke Lumber Kings game-worn jerzy. Now I feel right at home. :-)

    Bruce Touzel
  2. Right on Bruce…thanks for sharing…cheers

    Ferg Devins

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