Toque Tuesday Molson Tally…Far Exceeds our Goal


Kevin Boyce sells first toque on Toque Tuesday February 5, 2008

Employees of Molson took to the streets of Toronto on Toque Tuesday. We were enthusiastically led by our President and CEO Kevin Boyce, who was selling toques at Toronto City Hall and around Nathan Phillips square with his team. Kevin’s first sale took place 720 am to Anita in front of City Hall in Toronto.

The Toque Tuesday tally is in and the results are phenomenal ! Our goal for Toque Tuesday was to raise $50,000.00. The total tally of funds raised for Raising the Roof’s Toque Tuesday as a result of the Molson Volunteer initiative is $90,557.26. This number is built on the successful efforts of the volunteers selling toques that raised $54,557,26 (exceeded target of $50,000), Molson purchased toques for volunteers $11,000.00, an employee donation of winnings from off track event on Monday night of $4,000.00, Molson Matched employees’ donation $4,000.00, Heineken Partner Brand donation of $10,000.00, The Keg Restaurant donation of $5000.00, Molson Quebec employee’s jersey purchase of $500.00, Molson matched employee’s jersey donation $500.00 and $1000.00 in follow up sales on Wednesday, We are still getting requests from employees and the public on where and how to buy toques. You can go to the Raising the Roof site to purchase on line. Hats off or should I say Toques off to a successful Volunteer event. Molson and our employees…Proud to Play our Part !

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  1. Molson and its employees have truly made a phenomenal financial contribution towards helping Raising the Roof create solutions to homelessness. But just as important, the Molson team demonstrated to Torontians what amazing results can be acheived when you mix hope, spirit, enthusiasm and multiply it by 1,100 volunteers. Way to go team Molson!

    Mieko Ise
  2. The Molson Team has achieved such an amazing success! Jennifer and I were privileged to see what was involved in pulling it together on Molson’s end. We are thrilled with spirit, enthusiasm and results of your very dedicated team and want you to know that in our eyes you not only “Played your part…”, you redefined what volunteerism and community-building can mean in Canada!

    On behalf of Raising the Roof’s Board and staff — and on behalf of young Canadians who are without a place to call home — Thank You!

    Maureen Deery

    ‘Toque-gether’ we can make a difference!

    Maureen Deery
  3. Congratulations to the Molson Team! Thanks to the energy, enthusiasm, caring and commitment of 1,100 Molson employees, this has been our best Toque Tuesday ever in the eleven year history of our Toque Campaign. Many thanks for your tremendous support!

    Jennifer Parnell
  4. It was quite the sight watching more than 1,100 Molson employees, dressed in red hockey jerseys, marching off to participate in Toque Tuesday. I am thrilled that we raised just over $ 90,000 for Raising the Roof. It’s amazing the difference we can all make if we get together and volunteer, even for an hour and a half. We were all “Proud to Play our Part” and should be proud of what we accomplished. This volunteer initiative “kick-starts” the year with an astounding 1700 volunteer hours and we were told that this initiative was the largest single volunteer day in the country. I thank Molson employees for their eager participation in this project.

    Kevin Boyce
  5. In an attempt to kick start the Raising the Roof fundraiser, on the Monday night of the National Conference,. Eight teams with 120 Molson employees headed out to the Turf Lounge – an Off Track Betting parlour in downtown Toronto. What started out as a friendly competition between teams soon turned competitive. The winning team would get bragging rights and the opportunity to donate all of the money raised on behalf of their team. The end of the evening was marked with one serious oversight… occurred when Drew Stevenson and team, left the Turf Lounge and paraded up Bay St. with a sign proclaiming their first place finish. Unknown to Drew, Darren Rapp and his team of seasoned gamblers, had their horse come in during the final race and surpass Drew’s team.

    In the spirit of giving back to the communities in which we live, those who took part were proud to combine the final balances of each team and donate just over $4,000 to Raising the Roof. The Molson Donations Fund has matched that donation bringing the total to $8,000. Another great example of Molson employees coming together from across the country and across the organization to have a great time together and raise money for a worthy cause Thank you to all of the participating teams!!

    Bruce Lowe
  6. Thanks for that tid bit you guys…it was certainly a huge motivational moment at 6am in the morning over breakfast when we were rallying the troops for the morning sales…thanks for sharing this…cheers

    Ferg Devins

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